Fausto Manes


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Editorial to: "A challenge for the analysis of environmental stress. The measurement of chlorophyll a fluorescence (ChlF) from plants to ecosystems" ANNALI DI BOTANICA 2016
Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services. Urban ecosystems Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services. Urban ecosystems. 2016
Comparison of drought stress response and gene expression between a GM maize variety and a near-isogenic non-GM variety PLOS ONE 2015
Researches in Castelporziano test site. Ecophysiological studies on Mediterranean vegetation in a changing environment RENDICONTI LINCEI. SCIENZE FISICHE E NATURALI 2015
Vegetation, precipitation and demographic response of a woodland predator: Tawny Owl Strix aluco as an indicator of soil aridity in Castelporziano forest RENDICONTI LINCEI. SCIENZE FISICHE E NATURALI 2015
Removal of airborne particulate matter by vegetation in an urban park in the city of Rome (Italy). An ecosystem services perspective ANNALI DI BOTANICA 2015
A flux-based assessment of above and below ground biomass of Holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) seedlings after one season of exposure to high ozone concentrations ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 2015
Effects of acute O3 stress on PSII and PSI photochemistry of sensitive and resistant snap bean genotypes (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), probed by prompt chlorophyll “a” fluorescence and 820 nm modulated reflectance PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2015
Urban and peri-urban forests in the metropolitan area of Rome. Ecophysiological response of Quercus ilex L. in two green infrastructures in an ecosystem services perspective URBAN FORESTRY & URBAN GREENING 2015
Studio del cambiamento di uso del suolo nella Valle del fiume Sacco Recuperiamo terreno. Analisi e prospettive per la gestione sostenibile della risorsa suolo 2015


  • LS8


  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies


ecosystem functioning
ecosystem services
natural capital accounting
remote sensing
ecosystem mapping
climate change
air pollution

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