Fausto Manes


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Modelling PM10 removal in three Italian coastal Metropolitan Cities along a latitudinal gradient ECOLOGICAL MODELLING 2023
Comparing leaf area index estimates in a Mediterranean forest using field measurements, Landsat 8, and Sentinel-2 data ECOLOGICAL PROCESSES 2023
Exploratory analysis on the effect of heavy metal-contaminated soil on maize plants by visible and short-wave infrared spectroscopy ECDS 2023 Emerging Concepts & Design for Sustainability 2023
Supply and demand mismatch analysis to improve regulating ecosystem services in Mediterranean urban areas: Insights from four Italian Municipalities ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2023
Scienze della sostenibilità. Energia - Risorse - Città - Acqua - Ecosistemi - Diritto. Con e-book 2022
Sviluppo sostenibile. La transizione culturale, ecologica e digitale Corso interdisciplinare “Scienze della Sostenibilità” 2022
Corso interdisciplinare “Scienze della Sostenibilità” 2022
Assessment of air pollutants removal by green infrastructure and urban and peri-urban forests management for a greening plan in the Municipality of Ferrara (Po river plain, Italy) ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2022
Urban trees for biomonitoring atmospheric particulate matter: an integrated approach combining plant functional traits, magnetic and chemical properties ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2021
Germination, root elongation, and photosynthetic performance of plants exposed to sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES): an emerging contaminant ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2021
Nature-Based Solution for Reducing CO2 Levels in Museum Environments. A Phytoremediation Study for the Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Implementation of IUCN criteria for the definition of the Red List of Ecosystems in Italy PLANT BIOSYSTEMS 2020
More nature in the city PLANT BIOSYSTEMS 2020
Modeling air quality regulation by green infrastructure in a Mediterranean coastal urban area. The removal of PM10 in the metropolitan city of Naples (Italy) ECOLOGICAL MODELLING 2020
Mismatch of regulating ecosystem services for sustainable urban planning: PM10 removal and urban heat island effect mitigation in the municipality of Rome (Italy) URBAN FORESTRY & URBAN GREENING 2020
Selection of tree species for forests under climate change. Is PSI functioning a better predictor for net photosynthesis and growth than PSII? TREE PHYSIOLOGY 2020
Modelling matter and energy flows in the biosphere and human economy ECOLOGICAL MODELLING 2020
Regulating ecosystem services and green infrastructure. Assessment of urban heat island effect mitigation in the municipality of Rome, Italy ECOLOGICAL MODELLING 2019
Impacts of air pollution on human and ecosystem health, and implications for the National Emission Ceilings Directive. Insights from Italy ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL 2019
Photosynthetic traits as indicators for phenotyping urban and peri-urban forests. A case study in the metropolitan city of Rome ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2019


  • LS8


  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies


ecosystem functioning
ecosystem services
natural capital accounting
remote sensing
ecosystem mapping
climate change
air pollution

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