Stefano Ferracuti


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Valutazione della pericolosità sociale e del rischio di recidiva criminale attraverso un sistema di assessment integrato PSICHIATRIA E PSICOTERAPIA 2017
Psychopathological characteristics of adjustment disorder amongout patients with and without work related stress GIORNALE ITALIANO DI MEDICINA DEL LAVORO ED ERGONOMIA 2017
Executive functions in obsessive–compulsive disorder. An activation likelihood estimate meta-analysis of fMRI studies THE WORLD JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY 2016
Hypnosis and pain perception. An Activation Likelihood Estimation (ALE) meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging studies JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY 2016
Add-on deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) for the treatment of chronic migraine. A preliminary study NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 2016
Economic deprivation as a predictor of the direction of lethal violence. an analysis of italian provinces ARCHIVES OF SUICIDE RESEARCH 2016
Add-on high frequency deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS) to bilateral prefrontal cortex reduces cocaine craving in patients with cocaine use disorder NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 2016
Functional magnetic resonance imaging correlates of first-episode psychoses during attentional and memory task performance NEUROPSYCHOBIOLOGY 2016
Severe Psychopathy May Deserve Special Consideration AJOB NEUROSCIENCE 2016
Abnormal cortical sources of resting state electroencephalographic rhythms in single treatment-naïve HIV individuals: a statistical z-score index CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2016
Antiretroviral therapy affects the z-score index of deviant cortical EEG rhythms in naïve HIV individuals NEUROIMAGE. CLINICAL 2016
Brain and cognitive functions in two groups of naïve HIV patients selected for a different plan of antiretroviral therapy. A qEEG study CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2016
Neuroscienze forensi, ulteriori problematiche GIORNALE ITALIANO DI PSICOLOGIA 2016
Sull'imprevedibilità del suicidio RIVISTA DI PSICHIATRIA 2016
Systematic review of clozapine cardiotoxicity CURRENT PSYCHIATRY REPORTS 2016
Using MMPI-2 in Forensic Assessment - Applicazioni forensi del MMPI-2 RASSEGNA ITALIANA DI CRIMINOLOGIA 2016
The closing of Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals in Italy is a good thing, but antisocial patients cannot be admitted to the "Residences for the Execution of Safety Measures"(REMS) PSICOTERAPIA E SCIENZE UMANE 2016
Relationship between the rorschach perceptual thinking Index (pti) and the positive and negative syndrome scale (panss) in psychotic patients: a validity study PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH 2015
Are 5-HT3 antagonists effective in obsessive-compulsive disorder? A systematic review of literature HUMAN PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 2015
Pain Perception and Hypnosis. Fingings from recent fuctional neuroimaging studies INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL HYPNOSIS 2015

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