Stefano Ferracuti


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Reliability of clinical judgment for evaluation of informed consent in mental health settings and the validation of the Evaluation of Informed Consent to Treatment (EICT) scale FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2024
The Relationship Between Childhood Trauma, Pathological Dissociation, and Behavioral Addictions in Young Adults: Findings from a Cross-Sectional Study JOURNAL OF TRAUMA & DISSOCIATION 2023
Decision-Making and Abuse, What Relationship in Victims of Violence? INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2023
Acquired Pedophilia: international Delphi-method-based consensus guidelines TRANSLATIONAL PSYCHIATRY 2023
Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in Mental Disorders: Ethical Positions in the Debate between Proportionality, Dignity, and the Right to Die HEALTHCARE 2023
Homicide‐Suicide in Italy Between 2009‐2018: An Epidemiological Update and Time Series Analysis EUROPEAN JOURNAL ON CRIMINAL POLICY AND RESEARCH 2023
Per una prospettiva criminologica su alcuni animali Gli animali in giudizio 2023
Psicopatia e antisocialità Manuale di Psicologia Clinica 2023
Facing the Shadow Pandemic: Correlation and Trend Analyses of Violence Reports from Women to the Italian National Anti-Violence Number during 2021 HEALTHCARE 2023
Machine Learning and Pharmacogenomics at the Time of Precision Psychiatry CURRENT NEUROPHARMACOLOGY 2023
Parietal resting-state EEG alpha source connectivity is associated with subcortical white matter lesions in HIV-positive people CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2023
Mental capacity in forensic psychiatry in a comparative context Routledge Handbook of Mental Health Law 2023
How to Distinguish Feigned from Genuine Depressive Symptoms: Response Patterns and Content Analysis of the SIMS Affective Disorder Scale PSYCHOLOGICAL INJURY AND LAW 2023
Il corpo in psichiatria forense NOOS 2023
Nessuna singolo metodo può risolvere l'ermeneutica peritale GIORNALE ITALIANO DI PSICOLOGIA 2023
The ecological validity of the IOP-29: A follow-up study using the MMPI-2-RF and the SIMS as criterion variables PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT 2023
Sexual habits and sexual dysfunctions in a sample of patients with psychotic disorders compared to a group of healthy adults JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2022
Parietal intrahemispheric source connectivity of resting-state electroencephalographic alpha rhythms is abnormal in Naïve HIV patients BRAIN RESEARCH BULLETIN 2022
Grey Matter Volume Reductions of the Left Hippocampus and Amygdala in PTSD: A Coordinate-Based Meta-Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies NEUROPSYCHOBIOLOGY 2022
Neural functional correlates of hypnosis and hypnoanalgesia: Role of the cingulate cortex AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL HYPNOSIS 2022

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