Cristiano De Michele


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Transport signatures of fragile glass dynamics in the melting of the two-dimensional vortex lattice PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2023
Elastic constants of biological filamentous colloids: Estimation and implications on nematic and cholesteric tactoid morphologies SOFT MATTER 2021
Self‐Assembly of All‐DNA Rods with Controlled Patchiness SMALL 2021
Algorithm 1010: Boosting Efficiency in Solving Quartic Equations with No Compromise in Accuracy ACM TRANSACTIONS ON MATHEMATICAL SOFTWARE 2020
Theory of self-assembly-driven nematic liquid crystals revised LIQUID CRYSTALS 2019
Free energy of conformational isomers: The case of gapped DNA duplexes THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. E, SOFT MATTER 2019
Exploiting limited valence patchy particles to understand autocatalytic kinetics NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2018
Elastic Constants of Chromonic Liquid Crystals MACROMOLECULES 2018
Speeding up Monte Carlo simulation of patchy hard cylinders THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. E, SOFT MATTER 2018
Nematic liquid crystals of bifunctional patchy spheres THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. E, SOFT MATTER 2018
Amyloid Fibrils Length Controls Shape and Structure of Nematic and Cholesteric Tactoids ACS NANO 2018
Hierarchical Propagation of Chirality through Reversible Polymerization: The Cholesteric Phase of DNA Oligomers ACS MACRO LETTERS 2016
Simulation and Theory of Antibody Binding to Crowded Antigen-Covered Surfaces PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 2016
Anomalous dynamics of intruders in a crowded environment of mobile obstacles NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016
Smectic phase in suspensions of gapped DNA duplexes NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016
Unusual Dynamics of Concentration Fluctuations in Solutions of Weakly Attractive Globular Proteins THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2015
Nematic phase characterisation of the self-assembling sphere-cylinders based on the theoretically calculated RDFs THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. E, SOFT MATTER 2015
Modelling the rheology of anisotropic particles adsorbed on a two-dimensional fluid interface SOFT MATTER 2015
Non-universal Voronoi cell shapes in amorphous ellipsoid packs EUROPHYSICS LETTERS 2015
Self-assembly of mesogenic bent-core DNA nanoduplexes SOFT MATTER 2015


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  • Advanced materials
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Interessi di ricerca

computer simulations, monte carlo, molecular dynamics, algorithm, liquid crystals, glasses, coarse-grained modelling

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