Lamberto Tomassini


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Non-volatile compounds from Araucaria columnaris (G.Forst.) Hook leaves BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMATICS AND ECOLOGY 2022
There is not only Cupressus sempervirens L. A review on the phytochemistry and bioactivities of the other Cupressus L. species APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Leucosceptosides A and B. Two phenyl-ethanoid glycosides with important occurrence and biological activities BIOMOLECULES 2022
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Pardoglossum cheirifolium CHEMISTRY OF NATURAL COMPOUNDS 2021
First study on the pyrrolizidine alkaloids of Pardoglossum cheirifolium (L.) E.Barbier & Mathez.. GC-MS analysis of their volatile components in the whole plant NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2021
Phytochemical analysis of Viburnum davidii Franch. and cholinesterase inhibitory activity of its dihydrochalcones NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2021
Nor-lignans. Occurrence in plants and biological activities. A review MOLECULES 2020
Dihydrostilbene derivatives plus kinsenoside from the roots of the rare species Bipinnula fimbriata (Poepp.) I.M.Johnst BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMATICS AND ECOLOGY 2020
A new diterpene and other compounds from the unripe female cones of Wollemia nobilis NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2020
Phytochemistry, chemotaxonomy, and biological activities of the Araucariaceae family. A Review PLANTS 2020
A new iridoid diglycoside from Sambucus ebulus L NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2020
Harpagide.Occurrence in plants and biological activities - A review FITOTERAPIA 2020
Iridoids and seco‑iridoids from the leaves of Cephalanthus glabratus (Spreng.) K.Schum BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY 2020
A new byciclic monoterpene glucoside and a new biflavone from the male reproduction organs of Wollemia nobilis FITOTERAPIA 2019
Phytochemical profiles, antioxidant and antiacetylcholinesterasic activities of the leaf extracts of Rhamnus lycioides subsp. oleoides (L.) Jahand. & Maire in different solvents NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2019
Pedicularis L. Genus. Systematics, botany, phytochemistry, chemotaxonomy, ethnopharmacology, and other PLANTS 2019
New dihydrostilbene derivatives from Chloraea chrysantha CHEMISTRY & BIODIVERSITY 2018
Detection of picramic acid and picramate in henné products by NMR spectroscopy NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2018
Lignans and secoiridoid glycosides from the stem barks of Jasminum tortuosum NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2018
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Echium confusum Coincy NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2017

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