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The concept of bank tissue applied to post bariatric abdominoplasty. The use of autologous dermal mesh for abdominal diastasis repair JOURNAL OF PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE & AESTHETIC SURGERY 2023
The keystone flap: A multi-centric experience in elderly patients treatment JOURNAL OF PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE & AESTHETIC SURGERY 2022
Electrochemotherapy: first objective quality assessment of online information on a rising low-invasive procedure, in a constantly aging society EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLASTIC SURGERY 2022
Comments on “Partial second-toe pulp free flap for fingertip reconstruction: Experience and surgical tips to minimize complications” and the use of adipofascial perforator flap for fingertip reconstruction MICROSURGERY 2022
“Just Pulse it!” Introduction of a conservative implant salvage protocol to manage infection in pre-pectoral breast reconstruction: case series and literature review JOURNAL OF PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE & AESTHETIC SURGERY 2022
The profunda artery perforator free flap for lower extremity reconstruction MICROSURGERY 2022
Quality of online information about migraine headache surgery JOURNAL OF PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE & AESTHETIC SURGERY 2022
Clinical application of antibacterial hydrogel and coating in orthopaedic and traumatology surgery GELS 2021
Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in plastic surgery: state of the art and our approach EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2021
Breast reconstruction after mastectomy with the use of an implant and serratus anterior fascia flap—initial clinical evaluation JOURNAL OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE 2021
Is body-contouring surgery a right for massive weight loss patients? A survey through the European Union National Health Systems EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLASTIC SURGERY 2021
The use of preauricular skin flaps in the treatment of ear malignancy in elderly patients JOURNAL OF COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY 2021
Breast Animation Deformity: A Retrospective Study on Long-Term and Patient-Reported Breast-Q Outcomes ANNALS OF PLASTIC SURGERY 2021
Muscle-Sparing Skin-Reducing Breast Reconstruction with Pre-Pectoral Implants in Breast Cancer Patients: Long-Term Assessment of Patients’ Satisfaction and Quality of Life JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE SURGERY 2021
Genital lymphedema and how to deal with it: pearls and pitfalls from over 38 years of experience with unusual lymphatic system impairment MEDICINA 2021
Plastic surgery in the time of Coronavirus in Italy. Maybe we should say: “Thanks Darwin we are Plastic Surgeons!” JOURNAL OF PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE & AESTHETIC SURGERY 2021
“To pre or not to pre”: introduction of a prepectoral breast reconstruction assessment score to help surgeons solving the decision-making dilemma. Retrospective results of a multicenter experience PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY 2021
A single-stage triple-inset vascularized gastroepiploic lymph node transfers for the surgical treatment of extremity lymphedema MICROSURGERY 2021
Peroneus brevis flap in achilles tendon reconstruction. Clinical, radiological and functional analysis FOOT AND ANKLE SURGERY 2020
Use of the Keystone perforator Island flap in the treatment of chronic lower extremity wounds complicated by osteomyelitis INJURY 2020


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Plastic surgery

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