Arsen Palestini


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Accidental Degeneracy of an Elliptic Differential Operator: a Clarification in Terms of Ladder Operators MATHEMATICA 2021
The Skew Normal risk measurement framework COMPUTATIONAL MANAGEMENT SCIENCE 2020
Allocation of risk capital in a cost cooperative game induced by a modified expected shortfall JOURNAL OF THE OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY 2019
Voluntary export restraints in a trade model with sticky price: linear and nonlinear feedback solutions DYNAMIC GAMES AND APPLICATIONS 2018
Payoff Distribution in a Multi-Company Extraction Game with Uncertain Duration MATHEMATICS 2018
Analytic solutions for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 2017
On the instability of the R&D portfolio in a dynamic monopoly. Or, one cannot get two eggs in one basket INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS 2017
Quality, distance and trade: A strategic approach PAPERS IN REGIONAL SCIENCE 2016
CSR in an Asymmetric Duopoly with Environmental Externality SOUTHERN ECONOMIC JOURNAL 2016
A graph-based approach to inequality assessment PHYSICA. A 2016
What determines volunteer work? On the effects of adverse selection and intrinsic motivation ECONOMICS LETTERS 2016
Effects of Law-Enforcement Efficiency and Duration of Trials in an Oligopolistic Competition Among Fair and Unfair Firms JOURNAL OF OPTIMIZATION THEORY AND APPLICATIONS 2016
A Bayesian potential game to illustrate heterogeneity in cost/benefit characteristics INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF ECONOMICS 2015
On Cooperative Games Affected by Negative Externality JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY MATHEMATICS 2015
Hamiltonian potential functions for differential games AUTOMATICA 2015

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