Paolo Gaudenzi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Concurrent Engineering Approach in Preliminary Design of a Multi-Purpose Module for a Launch System Proceedings of the International astronautical congress, IAC 2021
Impact behavior of sandwich structures made of flax/epoxy face sheets and agglomerated cork JOURNAL OF NATURAL FIBERS 2020
A small spacecraft to probe the interior of the jovian moon europa: europa tomography probe (etp) system design ACTA ASTRONAUTICA 2020
Experimental evaluation of piezoelectric energy harvester based on flag-flutter Proceedings of XXIV AIMETA Conference 2019 2020
Numerical and experimental investigation of piezoelectric energy harvester based on flag-flutter AEROSPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2020
there is a great future in plastics. Personalized approach to the management of hilar cholangiocarcinoma using a 3-d-printed liver model DIGESTIVE DISEASES AND SCIENCES 2020
Performance evaluation of a piezoelectric energy harvester based on flag-flutter MICROMACHINES 2020
A review on applications of piezoelectric materials in aerospace industry INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS 2020
Modeling and design of a piezoelectric nonlinear aeroelastic energy harvester INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS 2020
Energy harvesting towards self-powered iot devices ENERGIES 2020
Reliability risk analysis for the aeroelastic piezoelectric energy harvesters INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS 2020
Characterization and implementation of a piezoelectric energy harvester configuration: analytical, numerical and experimental approach INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS 2020
Smart manufacturing in the framework of space industry. An industry 4.0 approach to large scale production of satellite constellations Proceedings of the International astronautical congress, IAC 2020
CriSEs: Cybersecurity for small-Satellite ecosystem - state-of-the-art and open challenge Proceedings of the International astronautical congress, IAC 2020
Piezoelectric thermo electromechanical energy harvester for reconnaissance satellite structure MICROSYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES 2019
Design and performance evaluation of a piezoelectric aeroelastic energy harvester based on the limit cycle oscillation phenomenon ACTA ASTRONAUTICA 2019
Selective laser melting of a 1U CubeSat structure. Design for additive manufacturing and assembly. ACTA ASTRONAUTICA 2019
Erratum to “Effects of variable resistance on smart structures of cubic reconnaissance satellites in various thermal and frequency shocking conditions” JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2019
Experimental and numerical Investigation of pzt response in composite structures with variable degradation levels JOURNAL OF MATERIALS ENGINEERING AND PERFORMANCE 2019
Experimental study of a flag-flutter energy harvester 2019 AIDAA XXV International Congress of Aeronautics and Astronautics - Vol. I 2019

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