Paolo Gaudenzi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Flutter investigation for piezoelectric aeroelastic energy harvester Proceedings of 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2019
Basic technology for smart multifunctional components with embedded electronics using fused filament fabrication AEROTECNICA MISSILI E SPAZIO 2019
An additive manufacturing redesign of a military aircraft equipment within a logistic 4.0 framework 2019
Investigation of deformation in bimorph piezoelectric actuator: analytical, numerical and experimental approach INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS 2019
Design and realization of an additive manufactured multifunctional spacecraft structure through a systems and concurrent engineering approach Proceedings of the International astronautical congress, IAC 2019
Analytical Prediction of High-Velocity Impact Resistance of Plane and Curved Thin Composite Targets 2019
Electromechanical degradation of piezoelectric patches Analysis and modelling of advanced structures and smart systems 2018
Revisiting the configuration of small satellites structures in the framework of 3D additive manufacturing ACTA ASTRONAUTICA 2018
OMA analysis of a launcher under operational conditions with time-varying properties CEAS SPACE JOURNAL 2018
Introduction of Innovative Additive Manufacturing Technologies into the Nanosatellites Design and Realization ASI – ISRAEL CONFERENCE ON NANOSATELLITES 2018
Analysis of damage in composite laminates with embedded piezoelectric patches subjected to bending action COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 2018
Innovative composite material component with embedded self-powered wireless sensor device for structural monitoring COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 2018
A review on mechanisms for piezoelectric-based energy harvesters ENERGIES 2018
Digital design of medical replicas via desktop systems: shape evaluation of colon parts JOURNAL OF HEALTHCARE ENGINEERING 2018
Realization of smart components with embedded electronics by using single extruder fused filament fabrication ECSSMET 2018 Proceedings 2018
Systems engineering and systems architecting approaches for innovative additive manufactured spacecraft structures ECSSMET 2018 Proceedings 2018
Selective laser melting of a 1U cubesat structure. Design for additive manufacturing and assembly 69th International astronautical congress (IAC 2018) 2018
Design and performance evaluation of an aeroelastic energy harvester based on the limit cycle oscillation phenomenon Proceedings of the International astronautical congress, IAC 2018
Response of piezoelectric materials on thermomechanical shocking and electrical shocking for aerospace applications MICROSYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES 2018
A preliminary design of a mission to Triton: a concurrent engineering approach Proceedings of the International astronautical congress, IAC 2018

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