Roberto Iannucci


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Evaluating Characteristics of an Active Coastal Spreading Area Combining Geophysical Data with Satellite, Aerial, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Images REMOTE SENSING 2023
Engineering-geological modeling for supporting local seismic response studies: insights from the 3D model of the subsoil of Rieti (Italy) BULLETIN OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2023
Identifying the influence of a large alluvial valley on train-induced vibration propagation in Rome by an integrated approach ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2022
Geophysical investigations and engineering geological modelling for the local seismic response study of the Rieti historical centre (Central Italy) Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology - 3ECEES 2022
Analysis of local seismic response in the historical city centre of Nafplio (Greece) Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology - 3ECEES 2022
Review on the geophysical and UAV-based methods applied to landslides REMOTE SENSING 2022
Analysis of the local seismic response in the Strovolos Municipality (Nicosia District, Cyprus) ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2022
Explorative data analysis from multiparametric monitoring at the Acuto Field Laboratory (Central Italy) for detecting preparatory conditions to rock block instabilities ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2022
Environmental forcings and micro‑seismic monitoring in a rock wall prone to fall during the 2018 Buran winter storm NATURAL HAZARDS 2021
Integrated geophysical and geotechnical monitoring for multiscale rock mass damaging investigation at the Acuto Field-Lab (Italy) EGU General Assembly 2021 2021
Engineering-geological features supporting a seismic-driven multi-hazard scenario in the Lake Campotosto area (L’Aquila, Italy) GEOSCIENCES 2021
Using unmanned aerial vehicle photogrammetry for digital geological surveys. Case study of Selmun promontory, northern of Malta ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH SCIENCES 2021
Stability assessment and geomorphological evolution of sea natural arches by geophysical measurement. The case study of Wied Il-Mielah Window (Gozo, Malta) SUSTAINABILITY 2021
Profiling of the recent deposits of Nafplio coastal plain (Greece) from engineering geological modelling and geophysical surveys Proceedings of 3rd European Regional Conference of the International Association for Engineering Geology & the Environment 2021
Investigation of cliff instability at Għajn Ħadid Tower (Selmun Promontory, Malta) by integrated passive seismic techniques JOURNAL OF SEISMOLOGY 2020
Relevance of rock slope deformations in local seismic response and microzonation. Insights from the Accumoli case-study (central Apennines, Italy) ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2020
Landslides triggered after the 16 August 2018 Mw 5.1 Molise earthquake (Italy) by a combination of intense rainfalls and seismic shaking LANDSLIDES 2020
Seismic monitoring system for landslide hazard assessment and risk management at the drainage plant of the Peschiera Springs (Central Italy) ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2020
Multisensor monitoring for detecting rock wall instabilities from precursors to failures: The Acuto test-site (Central Italy) ISRM International Symposium - EUROCK 2020 2020
Influence of Geological Complexities on Local Seismic Response in the Municipality of Forio (Ischia Island, Italy) ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2020


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engineering geology
Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology
near surface geophysics

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