Mara Morelli


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The parent-report Childhood Executive Functioning Inventory (CHEXI) in Italian preschoolers: factor structure, reliability, and criterion validity THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY 2024
Is Adolescents’ Cyber Dating Violence Perpetration Related to Problematic Pornography Use? The Moderating Role of Hostile Sexism HEALTH COMMUNICATION 2024
Exploring Attitudes Toward “Sugar Relationships” Across 87 Countries: A Global Perspective on Exchanges of Resources for Sex and Companionship ARCHIVES OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR 2024
Psychodynamic university counseling: which factors predict psychological functioning after intervention? FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2023
Computerized Linguistic Analysis of Counselors’ Clinical Notes in a University Counseling Center: Which Associations Correspond With Students’ Symptom Reduction in a Brief Psychodynamic Intervention? PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOLOGY 2023
Sexting Behaviors Before and During COVID-19 in Italian and Colombian Young Adults SEXUALITY RESEARCH AND SOCIAL POLICY 2023
Self-efficacy, Motivation and Academic Satisfaction: The Moderating Role of the Number of Friends at University PSICOTHEMA 2023
Process variables in university counseling: the role of expectations and therapeutic alliance on intervention outcome Mediterranean Journal of Clinical Psychology 2023
Exploring the relations of executive functions with emotional, linguistic, and cognitive skills in preschool children: parents vs. teachers reports EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY OF EDUCATION 2023
Effectiveness of psychodynamic university counseling service and psychological variables underlying improved well-being MEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY 2023
Defense mechanisms in patients with depressive disorders: a study protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis SPR 54th International Annual Meeting Scientific Program 2023
Love in Quarantine: Sexting, Stress, and Coping During the COVID-19 Lockdown SEXUALITY RESEARCH AND SOCIAL POLICY 2023
Psychological variables underlying improved well-being in college students: a qualitative and quantitative analysis within a university counseling intervention 2023
The Relationship Between Trait Emotional Intelligence and Sexting in Adolescence SEXUALITY RESEARCH AND SOCIAL POLICY 2023
Development and validation of a measure for academic locus of control FRONTIERS IN EDUCATION 2023
‘No One Believed Me, and I Have No proof’: An Exploration into the Experiences of Spiking Victims DEVIANT BEHAVIOR 2023
Sexting in adolescence: Profiles of emotional intelligence of sexters and non sexters|SEXTING IN ADOLESCENZA: PROFILI DI INTELLIGENZA EMOTIVA DI SEXTERS E NON SEXTERS SISTEMI INTELLIGENTI 2023
Parental Mediation of COVID-19 News and Children’s Emotion Regulation during Lockdown JOURNAL OF CHILD AND FAMILY STUDIES 2022
Mothers’ and fathers’ bimodal communication in dyadic and triadic interaction with their infants FIRST LANGUAGE 2022
Mothers and fathers of pre-school children: a study on parenting stress and child's emotional-behavioral difficulties CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY 2022


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Risky behaviors in adolescence and in young adulthood (e.g., sexting): Protective factors such as emotion regulation and family functioning; protective and risk factors related to school and academic success; theory of mind skills


Developmental psychology
sexual risk behaviors
children and pre-adolescent

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