Enzo Pascale


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The MUSCAT Readout Electronics Backend: Design and Pre-deployment Performance JOURNAL OF LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS 2023
Detecting molecules in Ariel low resolution transmission spectra EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY 2023
The thermal architecture of the ESA ARIEL payload at the end of phase B1 EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY 2022
ExoSim 2. The new time-domain simulator applied to the Ariel space mission EPSC Abstracts 2022
Predicting the optical performance of the Ariel Telescope using PAOS EPSC Abstracts 2022
Detecting molecules in Ariel Tier 1 transmission spectra EPSC Abstracts 2022
The telescope assembly of the Ariel space mission Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2022: Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave 2022
Optimization of the Ariel primary mirror SPIE NEWSROOM 2022
Preliminary surface charging analysis of Ariel payload dielectrics in early transfer orbit and L2-relevant space environment SPIE NEWSROOM 2022
The detector control unit of the fine guidance sensor instrument on-board the ARIEL mission: design status SPIE NEWSROOM 2022
A survey of exoplanet phase curves with Ariel EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY 2021
Alfnoor: a population study on Ariel's low resolution transmission spectra EPSC Abstracts 2021
Performance simulations tools for Space Telescopes applied to Ariel space mission EPSC Abstracts 2021
High-precision photometry with Ariel EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY 2021
Alfnoor: Assessing the Information Content of Ariel's Low-resolution Spectra with Planetary Population Studies THE ASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL 2021
PAOS, the Physical Optics Propagation model of the Ariel optical system EPSC Abstracts 2021
ExoSim: the Exoplanet Observation Simulator EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY 2021
The Ariel ground segment and instrument operations science data centre: Organization, operation, calibration, products and pipeline EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY 2021
Alfnoor: A Retrieval Simulation of the Ariel Target List THE ASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL 2020
Alfnoor: assessing the information content of Ariel's low resolution spectra with planetary population studies. EPSC Abstracts 2020

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