Antonio Renzi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The football industry. A literature review and future research avenues in the risk management perspective CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 2024
Net income smoothing and risk transfer to stakeholders: Empirical evidence in Europe EURAM (European Academy of Management) 2024. Fostering innovation to address grand challenges 2024
L’etica d’impresa è una scienza manageriale? Strategie e governo dell’impresa. Scritti in onore di Pietro Genco 2023
Embedding sustainability in Risk Management: the impact of ESG Ratings on Corporate Financial Risk CORPORATE SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2022
L'impresa. Fondamenti, profili economico-finanziari e sostenibilità 2022
Finanza d’impresa e valore 2022
L’impatto dei rating ESG sul rischio finanziario d’impresa: evidenze empiriche dallo S&P 500 Boosting knowledge & trust for a sustainable business 2022
She-E-Os and innovation: do female CEOs influence firm innovation EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INNOVATION MANAGEMENT 2021
Board of directors' configurations and the performance of banks: lessons learned from the global financial crisis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS GOVERNANCE AND ETHICS 2021
Corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and inter-temporal risk transfer JOURNAL OF MODERN ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING 2020
Elasticità della domanda, massimizzazione dei ricavi e intrinsic business risk Contributi in Onere di Gaetano Maria Golinelli 2020
LA DIMENSIONE FINANZIARIA NELL’ECONOMIA D’IMPRESA Economia, Gestione e Strumenti di Impresa 2020
Benefit Corporations and Corporate Social Intrapreneurship ENTREPRENEURSHIP RESEARCH JOURNAL 2020
Overconfidence and risk behavior in family firms Corporate Governance: Search for the Advanced Practices 2019
Risk-Return Analysis of M&A Investments. A Theoretical Equity Cost Framework for the Valuation Process of Private Companies Acquisitions 2019
L'impresa. Fondamenti e profili economico-finanziari 2019
The role of the influencer in innovation adoption 2019
Innovation and familiness: the moderating role of altruism Challenges and opportunities in Italian corporate governance 2019
Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Governance And Systemic Risk: Some Research Perspectives 2019
How does firm diversification impact innovation? TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 2018

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