Chiara Toniolo


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Phytochemical analysis and In vitro antileukemic activity of alkaloid-enriched extracts from Vinca sardoa (Stearn) Pignatti MOLECULES 2023
Characterization of the phytochemical composition and bioactivities of Anacyclus maroccanus Ball. and Anacyclus radiatus Loisel aerial parts. Preliminary evidence for the possible development of Moroccan plants MOLECULES 2022
Non-volatile compounds from Araucaria columnaris (G.Forst.) Hook leaves BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMATICS AND ECOLOGY 2022
There is not only Cupressus sempervirens L. A review on the phytochemistry and bioactivities of the other Cupressus L. species APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Leucosceptosides A and B. Two phenyl-ethanoid glycosides with important occurrence and biological activities BIOMOLECULES 2022
Analytical characterization of an inulin-type fructooligosaccharide from root-tubers of Asphodelus ramosus L PHARMACEUTICALS 2021
Antifungal activity of Mongolian medicinal plant extracts NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2020
Phytochemical and biological characterization of Italian “sedano bianco di Sperlonga” protected geographical indication celery ecotype. A multimethodological approach FOOD CHEMISTRY 2020
Nor-lignans. Occurrence in plants and biological activities. A review MOLECULES 2020
A new diterpene and other compounds from the unripe female cones of Wollemia nobilis NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2020
Phytochemistry, chemotaxonomy, and biological activities of the Araucariaceae family. A Review PLANTS 2020
Harpagide.Occurrence in plants and biological activities - A review FITOTERAPIA 2020
Pedicularis L. Genus. Systematics, botany, phytochemistry, chemotaxonomy, ethnopharmacology, and other PLANTS 2019
Towards a new application of amaranth seed oil as an agent against Candida albicans NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2019
Hypoglycemic, antiglycation, and cytoprotective properties of a phenol-rich extract from waste peel of punica granatum L. Var. Dente di cavallo DC2 MOLECULES 2019
Capsicum annuum L. var. Cornetto di Pontecorvo PDO. Polyphenolic profile and in vitro biological activities JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS 2018
Seagrass Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile as a marine biomarker: A metabolomic and toxicological analysis ECOSPHERE 2018
A multi-methodological approach in the study of Italian PDO “Cornetto di Pontecorvo” red sweet pepper FOOD CHEMISTRY 2018
Antiviral and antioxidant activity of a hydroalcoholic extract from Humulus lupulus L. OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY 2018
A polyphenol rich extract from Solanum melongena L. DR2 peel exhibits antioxidant properties and anti-herpes simplex virus type 1 activity in vitro MOLECULES 2018


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  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies

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Studio dei metaboliti secondari presenti in piante con probabili attività in campo clinico


plant secondary metabolites
medicinal plants

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