Laura Moretti


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Economic evaluation of cement grouted bituminous mixes for airport pavements MATERIALS 2021
Proposal and implementation of a heliport pavement management system: Technical and economic comparison of maintenance strategies SUSTAINABILITY 2021
Influence of tower air traffic controller workload and airport layout on airport capacity JOURNAL OF AIRPORT MANAGEMENT 2021
Walking on the safe side: a methodology to assess pavements quality conditions for pedestrian TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Methodology and evidence from a case study in Rome to increase pedestrian safety along home-to-school routes JOURNAL OF TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING 2020
A critical comparison of airport capacity studies JOURNAL OF AIRPORT MANAGEMENT 2020
Theoretical analysis of stone pavers in pedestrian areas TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Statistical analyses of SEM-EDS results to predict the quantity of added quicklime in a treated clayey soil CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2020
Runway veer‐off risk analysis. An international airport case study SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Analytical method for calculating sustainable airport capacity SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Airport landside sustainable capacity and level of service of terminal functional subsystems SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Behavior evaluation of bituminous mixtures reinforced with nano-sized additives. A review SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Proposal for a methodology based on XRD and SEM-EDS to monitor effects of lime-treatment on clayey soils APPLIED SCIENCES 2020
Operating times and users' behavior at urban road intersections SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Environmental impacts of cement production. A statistical analysis APPLIED SCIENCES 2020
Hourly capacity of a two crossing runway airport INFRASTRUCTURES 2020
Life cycle analysis of road construction and use SUSTAINABILITY 2019
Safety problems in urban cycling mobility. A quantitative risk analysis at urban intersections SAFETY 2019
Technical and Economic Criteria to Select Pavement Surfaces of Port Handling Plants COATINGS 2019
Implementation of a pavement management system for maintenance and rehabilitation of airport surfaces CASE STUDIES IN CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS 2019


  • PE8_3


  • Sustainable technologies & development

Interessi di ricerca

Road pavements  Life cycle analysis  Vulnerable users


risk analysis
airport capacity
vulnerable users
tunnel lighting
concrete pavement
Road management
port pavement surfaces
green public procurement

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