Nicola Cucari


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Exploring students' entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurship education efforts through the lens of GUESSS project L’aziendalismo crea valore! Il ruolo dell’accademia nelle sfide della società, dell’economia e delle istituzioni 2024
Sustainability reporting practices: an explorative analysis of luxury fashion brands MANAGEMENT DECISION 2023
Innovative Research Methods for Corporate Governance 2023
Handbook of Research Methods for Corporate Governance 2023
Substance and symbol in ESG-linked executive compensation: evidence from Italian listed companies SINERGIE 2023
Alla ricerca di un equilibrio tra stakeholderismo e shareholderismo: alcune riflessioni sul governo dell’impresa Strategie e governo dell’impresa. Scritti in onore di Pietro Genco 2023
Human Resource Development and Artificial Intelligence in the view of Personal Development: a literature review and bibliometric analysis Rediscovering local roots and interactions in management 2023
How firms adjust their SDG adoption in response to COVID-19 outbreak: a regional perspective CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 2023
Looking for an ESG-driven strategic approach: An explorative analysis in Italian insurance companies 2023
Advisory or monitoring role in ESG scenario: Which women directors are more influential in the Italian context? BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2023
Longer board tenure and audit committee tenure. How do they impact environmental performance? A European study CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2023
A bibliometric performance analysis of publication productivity in the corporate social responsibility field. Outcomes of SciVal analytics CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2023
Assessing the relationship between digital transformation and sustainable business excellence in a turbulent scenario TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS EXCELLENCE 2022
Green human resource management and environmental performance: The role of green innovation and environmental strategy in a developing country BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2022
Artificial Intelligence and Human Resource Development: a Literature Review and Research Agenda Boosting knowledge & trust for a sustainable business 2022
How is digitalisation changing the business model of FinTech companies The case study of an Italian non-bank financial institution INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUALITY AND INNOVATION 2022
Trade credit forecasting: empirical analysis using a ratio targeting approach AFRO-ASIAN JOURNAL OF FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING 2022
Economia, gestione e strumenti d'impresa 2022
Non-Financial Strategy Disclosure and Environmental, Social and Governance Score: Insight from a Configurational Approach BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2021
How do ESG pillars impact firms' marketing performance? A configurational analysis in the pharmaceutical sector THE JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL MARKETING 2021


  • SH1_10


  • Sustainable technologies & development


corporate governance
shareholder engagement
Shareholder activism
digital entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial process

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