Antonio D'Andrea


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Experimental analysis of blistering and water bleeding on asphalt pavements CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2024
Causes of Asphalt Pavement Blistering: A Review APPLIED SCIENCES 2024
Eco-efficient asphalt recycling for urban slow mobility EURO-MEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL FOR ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRATION 2024
Methods for Measuring and Assessing Irregularities of Stone Pavements—Part I SUSTAINABILITY 2023
Methods for Measuring and Assessing Irregularities of Stone Pavements — Part II SUSTAINABILITY 2023
Experimental Analysis of Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Mixtures with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) in Railway Sub-Ballast MATERIALS 2023
Materials study to implement a 3D printer system to repair road pavement potholes TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2023
Cold asphalt contaning 100% reclamed asphalt. A sustainable technology for cycle paths and maintenance intervations PROCEDIA ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT 2023
A Robotized Raspberry-Based System for Pothole 3D Reconstruction and Mapping SENSORS 2023
Un nuovo sistema robotizzato per la riparazione delle buche stradali STRADE & AUTOSTRADE 2023
Investigation of Parking Lot Pavements to Counteract Urban Heat Islands SUSTAINABILITY 2022
Asfalti tappabuche e Green Deal STRADE & AUTOSTRADE 2022
ROADS—Rover for Bituminous Pavement Distress Survey: An Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Prototype for Pavement Distress Evaluation SENSORS 2022
Affinity between bitumen and aggregate in hot mix asphalt by hyperspectral imaging and digital picture analysis COATINGS 2021
Mechanical characteristics of graphene nanoplatelets-modified asphalt mixes. A comparison with polymer-and not-modified asphalt mixes MATERIALS 2021
Effect of sampietrini pavers on urban heat islands INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2021
Statistical analyses of SEM-EDS results to predict the quantity of added quicklime in a treated clayey soil CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2020
Behavior evaluation of bituminous mixtures reinforced with nano-sized additives. A review SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Proposal for a methodology based on XRD and SEM-EDS to monitor effects of lime-treatment on clayey soils APPLIED SCIENCES 2020
Life cycle analysis of road construction and use SUSTAINABILITY 2019


  • PE8_3


Road construction
Life cycle analysis
Pre-tunnel lighting
asphalt pavements
green public procurement

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