Mario Pinto


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Space is a late heuristic of elapsing time: New evidence from the STEARC effect CORTEX 2023
How time gets spatial: factors determining the stability and instability of the mental time line ATTENTION, PERCEPTION & PSYCHOPHYSICS 2023
Temperament and probabilistic predictive coding in visual-spatial attention CORTEX 2023
Pupil dilation during orienting of attention and conscious detection of visual targets in patients with left spatial neglect CORTEX 2021
How to trigger and keep stable directional SpaceeNumber Associations (SNAs) CORTEX 2021
Number space is made by response space: Evidence from left spatial neglect NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2021
Deficits of hierarchical predictive coding in left spatial neglect BRAIN COMMUNICATIONS 2021
Perceiving numerosity does not cause automatic shifts of spatial attention EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2021
Individual EEG profiling of attention deficits in left spatial neglect: a pilot study NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 2021
Deconstructing reorienting of attention: Cue predictiveness modulates the inhibition of the no-target side and the hemispheric distribution of the P1 response to invalid targets JOURNAL OF COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE 2020
Spatial uncertainty improves the distribution of visual attention and the availability of sensory information for conscious report EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2020
Pre-motor deficits in left spatial neglect: An EEG study on Contingent Negative Variation (CNV) and response-related beta oscillatory activity NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2020
Reconstructing the origins of the space-number association: spatial and number-magnitude codes must be used jointly to elicit spatially organised mental number lines COGNITION 2019
Expectancy modulates pupil size both during endogenous orienting and during re-orienting of spatial attention: A study with isoluminant stimuli EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2019
The Number Interval Position Effect (NIPE) in the mental bisection of numerical intervals might reflect the influence of the decimal-number system on the Gaussian representations of numerosities: A combined developmental and computational-modeling study CORTEX 2019
The hemispheric distribution of α-band EEG activity during orienting of attention in patients with reduced awareness of the left side of space (spatial neglect) THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2019
The Attentional-SNARC effect 16 years later: no automatic space–number association (taking into account finger counting style, imagery vividness, and learning style in 174 participants) EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2019
Contrasting left/right codes for response selection must not be necessarily associated with contrasting numerical features to get the SNARC ACTA PSYCHOLOGICA 2019
The influence of visual and phonological features on the hemispheric processing of hierarchical Navon letters NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2018
Visualising numerals. An ERPs study with the attentional SNARC task CORTEX 2018

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