Cristina Lemorini


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To fish or not to fish? Fish processing at Iron Gates: an experimental approach MESO’ 2020 – Tenth International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, book of abstracts 2020
Testing the hypothesis: experimental approach and use-wear analysis in prehistoric archaeology Science ABC – Science Applications Becoming Culture, book of abstracts 2020
Experimental archaeology for the interpretation of use-wear The case study of the small tools of Fontana Ranuccio (late Lower Palaeolithic, Central Italy) Beyond Use-Wear Traces: Going from tools to people by means of archaeological wear and residue analyses 2020
The points reference collection PALETHNOLOGIE 2019
Old stones’ song—second verse. Use-wear analysis of rhyolite and fenetized andesite artifacts from the Oldowan lithic industry of Kanjera South, Kenya ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2019
Animal residues found on tiny Lower Paleolithic tools reveal their use in butchery SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
La funzione degli “small tools” nell’ambito delle industrie litiche scheggiate acheuleane della penisola italiana. Il caso studio del sito laziale di Fontana Ranuccio (FR) IPOTESI DI PREISTORIA 2019
The use-wear studies on the lithic industries PALETHNOLOGIE 2019
Approaches to the acquisition and use of animal materials PALETHNOLOGIE 2019
Behind the scenes. Introduction to the human activities in the Iron Gates region. Preliminary use-wear analysis of chipped stone artefacts from Lepenski Vir and Padina (Serbia) 12th Symposium on Knappable Materials (ISKM), program, abstracts, field guide, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, November 18-22, 2019 2019
The contribution of experimental archaeology in addressing the analysis of residues on spindle-whorls EXARC JOURNAL 2019
Gli scavi alla Terramara di Pragatto (BO): dai primi dati al progetto di ricerca. Trent’anni di tutela e ricerca preistorica in Emilia occidentale 2019
Small tools and the Palaeoloxodon- Homo interaction in the Lower Palaeolithic. The contribution of use-wear analysis Palaeolithic Italy. Advanced studies on early human adaptations in the Apennine peninsula. 2018
The textile culture at Pompeii project Textiles and Dyes in the Mediterranean Economy and Society 2018
I più antichi agricoltori italiani. Nuove prospettive di ricerca su base multidisciplinare Preistoria e Protostoria della Puglia 2017
Bread in Prehistory. Looking for the path of an extraordinary invention Bread. An interdisciplinary perspective 2017
Auf den Spuren antiker Textilkultur. Textile Hinterlassenschaften zur Zeit des Vesuvausbruchs 79 n. Chr. RESTAURO 2017
From Aterian notch to Aterian tang. How to make a technological invention AFRICAN ARCHAEOLOGICAL REVIEW 2017
Traceological analyses applied to textile implements. An assessment of the method through the case study of the 1st millennium BCE ceramic tools in Central Italy ORIGINI 2017


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My main iterests built on a long learning/teaching experience are: Iinvestigation of the hominins cognition and behavior by means of experimental archaeology,technological analysis and functional analysis of archaeological artifacts. Application of innovative techniques to interpret technology and craft  activities in the Past.

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