Lilia Boeri


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
High- Tc superconductivity in doped boron-carbon clathrates PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2022
First-principles search of hot superconductivity in La-X-H ternary hydrides NPJ COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS 2022
The 2021 room-temperature superconductivity roadmap JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONDENSED MATTER 2022
In-silico synthesis of lowest-pressure high-Tc ternary superhydrides NPJ COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS 2022
Why mercury is a superconductor PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2022
LaBH8: Towards high-Tc low-pressure superconductivity in ternary superhydrides PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2021
Fused borophenes: A new family of superhard light-weight materials PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS 2021
A perspective on conventional high-temperature superconductors at high pressure: Methods and materials PHYSICS REPORTS 2020
High-temperature conventional superconductivity in the boron-carbon system: Material trends PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2020
Phase diagram and superconductivity of calcium borohyrides at extreme pressures PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2020
Special issue on novel superconducting and magnetic materials JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONDENSED MATTER 2020
Understanding Novel Superconductors with Ab Initio Calculations Handbook of Material Modelling, vol II 2019
Viewpoint: the road to room-temperature conventional superconductivity JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONDENSED MATTER 2019
Superconductivity in sodalite-like yttrium hydride clathrates PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2019
Ab initio prediction of a two-dimensional variant of the iridate IrO2 PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2019
Absence of superconductivity in iron polyhydrides at high pressures PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2018
Lattice dynamics of the cluster chain compounds M2Mo6Se6(M=K,Rb,Cs,In,and Tl) PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2018
Superconductivity in doped polyethylene at high pressure THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. B, CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS 2018
Ab initio study of ABiO3 (A=Ba, Sr, Ca) under high pressure PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2018
Conventional/unconventional superconductivity in high-pressure hydrides and beyond: insights from theory and perspectives QUANTUM STUDIES 2018

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