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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Preferential signal pathways during the perception and imagery of familiar scenes: An effective connectivity study HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING 2023
Effect of optic flow on spatial updating: insight from an immersive virtual reality study EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2023
Interhemispheric interplay between the left and right premotor cortex during grasping as assessed by dynamic causal modelling SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2023
Visuo-spatial attention and semantic memory competition in the parietal cortex SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2023
Neural underpinnings of the slowness of information processing in patients with traumatic brain injury: insights from tract-based spatial statistics NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2022
Effector-selective modulation of the effective connectivity within frontoparietal circuits during visuomotor tasks CEREBRAL CORTEX 2022
Awake Surgery for Arteriovenous Malformations in Eloquent Areas Does Not Increase Intraoperative Risks and Allows for Shorter-Term Recovery and Improved Status WORLD NEUROSURGERY. X 2022
Individual differences in mental imagery modulate effective connectivity of scene-selective regions during resting state BRAIN STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION 2022
Reduced Priming Effect for Visual-Spatial Perspective Taking in Patients with Severe Acquired Brain Injury ARCHIVES OF CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGY 2022
The human middle temporal cortex responds to both active leg movements and egomotion-compatible visual motion BRAIN STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION 2022
The fickle art gallery: behavioral indices of navigation abilities in virtual reality Book of Abstract. 30° Congresso dell'Associazione Italiana di Psicologia 2022
Addressing Vehicle Sharing through Behavioral Analysis: A Solution to User Clustering Using Recency-Frequency-Monetary and Vehicle Relocation Based on Neighborhood Splits INFORMATION 2022
Is right angular gyrus involved in the metric component of the mental body representation in touch and vision? A tdcs study BRAIN SCIENCES 2021
Assessing the effective connectivity of premotor areas during real vs imagined grasping: a DCM-PEB approach NEUROIMAGE 2021
Preference for locomotion-compatible curved paths and forward direction of self-motion in somatomotor and visual areas CORTEX 2021
The art gallery maze: a novel tool to assess human navigational abilities COGNITIVE PROCESSING 2021
Neural representations underlying mental imagery as unveiled by representation similarity analysis BRAIN STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION 2021
Lower visual field preference for the visuomotor control of limb movements in the human dorsomedial parietal cortex BRAIN STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION 2021
Effect of exoskeleton-assisted rehabilitation over prefrontal cortex in multiple sclerosis patients: a neuroimaging pilot study BRAIN TOPOGRAPHY 2021
A systematic review on the interaction between emotion and pseudoneglect SYMMETRY 2021

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