Cristina Cerboni


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Impact on NK cell functions of acute versus chronic exposure to extracellular vesicle-associated MICA. Dual role in cancer immunosurveillance JOURNAL OF EXTRACELLULAR VESICLES 2022
Self or Non‐Self? It Is also a Matter of RNA Recognition and Editing by ADAR1 BIOLOGY 2022
Genetic variability of human cytomegalovirus clinical isolates correlates with altered expression of natural killer cell-activating ligands and IFN-γ FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2021
Hitting More Birds with a Stone: Impact of TGF-β on ILC Activity in Cancer JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2020
Samhd1 phosphorylation and cytoplasmic relocalization after human cytomegalovirus infection limits its antiviral activity PLOS PATHOGENS 2020
Cancer Exosomes as Conveyors of Stress-Induced Molecules: New Players in the Modulation of NK Cell Response. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2019
Counter-regulation of regulatory T cells by autoreactive CD8+ T cells in rheumatoid arthritis JOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY 2019
NKG2D and its ligands: one for all, all for one FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2018
MICA-129 dimorphism and soluble MICA are associated with the progression of multiple myeloma FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2018
Identification of a Genetic Variation in ERAP1 Aminopeptidase that Prevents Human Cytomegalovirus miR-UL112-5p-Mediated Immunoevasion CELL REPORTS 2017
How mucosal epithelia deal with stress: Role of NKG2D/NKG2D ligands during inflammation FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2017
NK cell effector functions in a Chédiak-Higashi patient undergoing cord blood transplantation: Effects of in vitro treatment with IL-2 IMMUNOLOGY LETTERS 2016
Distinct Roles for Human Cytomegalovirus Immediate Early Proteins IE1 and IE2 in the Transcriptional Regulation of MICA and PVR/CD155 Expression JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2016
Release of Soluble Ligands for the Activating NKG2D Receptor: One More Immune Evasion Strategy Evolved by HIV-1? CURRENT DRUG TARGETS 2016
Genotoxic Stress Induces Senescence-Associated ADAM10-Dependent Release of NKG2D MIC Ligands in Multiple Myeloma Cells JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2015

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