Alessandra Battaglia Mayer


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Neural encoding of musical expectations in a non-human primate CURRENT BIOLOGY 2024
A cortical mechanism linking saliency detection and motor reactivity in rhesus monkeys THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2023
Cortico-spinal modularity in the parieto-frontal system: a new perspective on action control PROGRESS IN NEUROBIOLOGY 2023
A view-based decision mechanism for rewards in the primate amygdala NEURON 2023
Cortico-spinal modularity in the parieto-frontal system: A new perspective on action control PROGRESS IN NEUROBIOLOGY 2023
The functional characterization of callosal connections PROGRESS IN NEUROBIOLOGY 2022
Evidence for a we-representation in monkeys when acting together CORTEX 2022
Shared population-level dynamics in monkey premotor cortex during solo action, joint action and action observation PROGRESS IN NEUROBIOLOGY 2022
The parietal lobe evolution and the emergence of material culture in the human genus BRAIN STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION 2022
Acting alone or together? Evaluating the cost of inter-individual motor coordination in macaques 13th FENS Forum. Paris 2022
Two brains in action: Joint-action Coding in Parietal Cortex of Macaques 13th FENS Forum 2022
Phenomenology and functional significance of the Vertex Potential 13th FENS Forum 2022
The complex hodological architecture of the macaque dorsal intraparietal areas as emerging from neural tracers and DW-MRI tractography ENEURO 2021
How the Senses Guide Goal-Directed and Defensive Actions: Common Principles of Organization The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference 2020
On the cortical connectivity in the macaque brain: a comparison of diffusion tractography and histological tracing data NEUROIMAGE 2020
Two brains in action: joint-action coding in the primate frontal cortex THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2019
Corticocortical systems underlying high-order motor control THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2019
A Brief History of the Encoding of Hand Position by the Cerebral Cortex: Implications for Motor Control and Cognition CEREBRAL CORTEX 2018
Parieto-frontal networks for eye–hand coordination and movements The Parietal Lobe 2018
Development of motor coordination during joint action in mid-childhood NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2017


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Interessi di ricerca

My  research activity is focused on cognitive motor functions of the primate’s brain.

The investigations are based on the correlation of single- and multi-unit activity with behaviour executed during neural recording. This behavioural neurophysiology approach is often combined with neuroanatomy in a unique methodological approach aimed at elucidating not only the physiological aspects, but also the neural circuits involved in a specific task. One of the goal of this research is also to provide a neurophysiological explanation of the emergence of  neurological deficits observed in patients after lesions of specific cortical areas, as suggested by the neuropsychological literature.

A particular attention has been devoted to the functional role of frontal and parietal cortex of primate brain on the control of arm movements to visual targets, in particular on the neural mechanisms underlying eye-hand coordination in posterior parietal cortex and on the role of the parieto-frontal network on the online control of hand trajectory, when unexpected changes in external environment occurs.


Current research activity is devoted to investigating  the neural bases of social motor interactions among subjects that cooperate in joint-action tasks, to achieve a common goal.


cerebral cortex
parietal cortex
cognitive-motor behavior
motor cortex
premotor cortex
joint action
motor control
Non-human primates

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