Rita Canipari


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Effect of Mitotane on Male Gonadal Function CANCERS 2023
Decreased fertility in female mice lacking urokinase plasminogen activator REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY 2023
The activation of M2 muscarinic receptor inhibits cell growth and survival in human epithelial ovarian carcinoma JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY 2022
SerpinE1 drives a cell-autonomous pathogenic signaling in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2022
Role of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) in the maintenance and functioning of the human corpus luteum Abstract book 2022
The mechanisms mediated by α7 acetylcholine nicotinic receptors may contribute to peripheral nerve regeneration MOLECULES 2021
Targeting SerpinE1 reverses cellular features of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2021
Thyroid hormones T3 and T4 regulate human luteinized granulosa cells, counteracting apoptosis and promoting cell survival JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION 2020
Incidence, origin, and predictive model for the detection and Clinical Management of segmental aneuploidies in human embryos AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2020
Muscarinic receptors modulate Nerve Growth Factor production in rat Schwann-like adipose-derived stem cells and in Schwann cells SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020
Discovery of the first human arylsulfatase a reversible inhibitor impairing mouse oocyte fertilization ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2020
Loss of two-pore hannel 2 (TPC2) expression increases the metastatic traits of melanoma cells by a mechanism involving the hippo signalling pathway and store-operated calcium entry CANCERS 2020
A Challenging Task—How to Successfully Separate Theca and Granulosa Cells: A Mandatory Step for Investigating Ovary Steroidogenesis ORGANISMS 2020
An integrated investigation of oocyte developmental competence: expression of key genes in human cumulus cells, morphokinetics of early divisions, blastulation, and euploidy JOURNAL OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION AND GENETICS 2019
Definition and validation of a custom protocol to detect miRNAs in the spent media after blastocyst culture: searching for biomarkers of implantation HUMAN REPRODUCTION 2019
ISTOLOGIA di Monesi ISTOLOGIA di Monesi 2018
Thyroid hormones act as mitogenic and pro survival factors in rat ovarian follicles JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION 2018
Stem-like and highly invasive prostate cancer cells expressing CD44v8-10 marker originate from CD44-negative cells ONCOTARGET 2018
Effect of mitotane on mouse ovarian follicle development and fertility JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY 2017

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