Meysam Majidi Nezhad


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Gis and remote sensing for renewable energy assessment and maps ENERGIES 2022
Marine online platforms of services to public end-users. The innovation of the ODYSSEA Project REMOTE SENSING 2022
Renewable Energy System Controlled by Open-Source Tools and Digital Twin Model: Zero Energy Port Area in Italy ENERGIES 2022
Renewable Energy System Controlled by Open-Source Tools and Digital Twin Model: Zero Energy Port Area in Italy ENERGIES 2022
Quaternion convolutional long short-term memory neural model with an adaptive decomposition method for wind speed forecasting. North aegean islands case studies ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT 2022
A Mediterranean sea offshore wind classification using MERRA-2 and machine learning models RENEWABLE ENERGY 2022
Sites exploring prioritisation of offshore wind energy potential and mapping for wind farms installation. Iranian islands case studies RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 2022
Wave power forecasting using an effective decomposition-based convolutional Bi-directional model with equilibrium Nelder-Mead optimiser ENERGY 2022
Integrating Renewable Energy Sources in Italian port areas towards Renewable Energy Communities SUSTAINABILITY 2022
A new methodology for offshore wind speed assessment integrating Sentinel-1, ERA-Interim and in-situ measurement RENEWABLE ENERGY 2021
A primary offshore wind farm site assessment using reanalysis data: a case study for Samothraki island RENEWABLE ENERGY 2021
Wind turbine power output prediction using a new hybrid neuro-evolutionary method ENERGY 2021
A deep learning-based evolutionary model for short-term wind speed forecasting: A case study of the Lillgrund offshore wind farm ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT 2021
Air pollution forecasting application based on deep learning model and optimization algorithm CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY 2021
Wind climate and wind power resource assessment based on gridded scatterometer data: A thracian sea case study ENERGIES 2021
A combined fuzzy gmdh neural network and grey wolf optimization application for wind turbine power production forecasting considering scada data ENERGIES 2021
Multi-mode wave energy converter design optimisation using an improved moth flame optimisation algorithm ENERGIES 2021
A novel forecasting model for wind speed assessment using sentinel family satellites images and machine learning method RENEWABLE ENERGY 2021
Green energy sources assessment using sentinel-1 satellite remote sensing FRONTIERS IN ENERGY RESEARCH 2021
A comprehensive review on digital twins for smart energy management system INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT 2021


renewable energy
wind energy potential assessment

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