Emanuele David


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Intrapatient comparison of atopic dermatitis skin transcriptome shows differences between tape-strips and biopsies ALLERGY 2024
New Technologies in the Assessment of Carotid Stenosis: Beyond the Color-Doppler Ultrasound—High Frame Rate Vector-Flow and 3D Arterial Analysis Ultrasound DIAGNOSTICS 2023
Contrast enhanced ultrasound compared with MRI and CT in the evaluation of post-renal transplant complications TOMOGRAPHY 2022
Artificial intelligence for thyroid nodule characterization: where are we standing? CANCERS 2022
A homozygous MED11 C-terminal variant causes a lethal neurodegenerative disease GENETICS IN MEDICINE 2022
Thyroid nodule characterization: how to assess the malignancy risk. update of the literature DIAGNOSTICS 2021
Role of CEUS in Vascular Pathology ULTRASCHALL IN DER MEDIZIN 2021
US-Elastography for breast lesion characterization: prospective comparison of US BIRADS, Strain Elastography and Shear wave Elastography ULTRASCHALL IN DER MEDIZIN 2020
Prospective Evaluation of Semiquantitative Strain Ratio and Quantitative 2D Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography (SWE) in Association with TIRADS Classification for Thyroid Nodule Characterization ULTRASCHALL IN DER MEDIZIN 2019
Mutations in the Neuronal Vesicular SNARE VAMP2 Affect Synaptic Membrane Fusion and Impair Human Neurodevelopment AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2019
Morphological and semiquantitative kinetic analysis on dynamic contrast enhanced mri in triple negative breast cancer patients ACADEMIC RADIOLOGY 2018
Ultrasound and ultrasound-related techniques in endocrine diseases MINERVA ENDOCRINOLOGICA 2018
Quality assurance of ultrasound systems: current status and review of literature JOURNAL OF ULTRASOUND 2018
Multiparametric ultrasonography and ultrasound elastography in the differentiation of parathyroid lesions from ectopic thyroid lesions or lymphadenopathies ENDOCRINE 2017
Color doppler ultrasound with superb microvascular imaging compared to contrast-enhanced ultrasound and computed tomography angiography to identify and classify endoleaks in patients undergoing EVAR ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY 2017
Prospective evaluation of Quasistatic Ultrasound Elastography (USE) compared with Baseline US for parotid gland lesions: preliminary results of elasticity contrast index (ECI) evaluation. MEDICAL ULTRASONOGRAPHY 2017
Magnetic resonance imaging after breast oncoplastic surgery. An update BREAST CARE 2017
Ultrasound and ultrasound-related techniques in endocrine diseases. MINERVA ENDOCRINOLOGICA 2017
Thyroid Gland Atlas fo Elastosonography 2017
Strain and Shear Wave Elastography in the differentiation of Benign and Malignant Thyroid Lesions Atti Congresso RSNA 2017 2017

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