Luca De Nardis


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Empirical performance analysis and ML-based modeling of 5G non-standalone networks COMPUTER NETWORKS 2024
A Large-scale dataset of 4G, NB-IoT, and 5G Non-standalone network measurements IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE 2024
Positioning by Multicell Fingerprinting in Urban NB-IoT Networks SENSORS 2023
An initial look into the performance evolution of 5G non-atandalone networks 2023 7th Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference (TMA) 2023
xkl. A legacy software for detailed acoustic analysis of speech made modern SOFTWAREX 2023
Internet of Things Platforms for Academic Research and Development: A Critical Review APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Large-Scale Dataset for the Analysis of Outdoor-to-Indoor Propagation for 5G Mid-Band Operational Networks DATA 2022
Mo3: a Modular Mobility Model for future generation mobile wireless networks IEEE ACCESS 2022
The LaMIT database: A read speech corpus for acoustic studies of the Italian language toward lexical access based on the detection of landmarks and other acoustic cues to features DATA IN BRIEF 2022
The GEMMA speech database: VCV and VCCV words for the acoustic analysis of consonants and lexical gemination in Italian DATA IN BRIEF 2022
Positioning by fingerprinting with multiple cells in NB-IoT networks 2022 International Conference on Localization and GNSS, ICL-GNSS 2022 - Proceedings 2022
Data-Driven Analysis of Outdoor-to-Indoor Propagation for 5G Mid-Band Operational Networks FUTURE INTERNET 2022
Implications of handover events in commercial 5G non-standalone deployments in Rome 5G-MeMU '22: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on 5G and Beyond Network Measurements, Modeling, and Use Cases 2022
Coverage and performance analysis of 5G non-standalone deployments WiNTECH 2022 - Proceedings of the 2022 16th ACM Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation and CHaracterization, Part of MobiCom 2022 2022
Energy efficiency in short and wide-area IoT technologies—A survey TECHNOLOGIES 2021
Empirical models for NB-IoT path loss in an urban scenario IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL 2021
Cognitive Radio-Oriented Wireless Networks 2021
Lexical and syntactic gemination in Italian consonants. Does a geminate Italian consonant consist of a repeated or a strengthened consonant? THE JOURNAL OF THE ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 2021
User-centric radio access technology selection: A survey of game theory models and multi-agent learning algorithms IEEE ACCESS 2021
Consonant gemination in Italian. The nasal and liquid case SPEECH COMMUNICATION 2021


  • PE7_6
  • PE7_8


  • Big data & computing

Interessi di ricerca

My research activities focus on the following topics:

  • indoor positioning - my research activity focuses on the design of positioning algorithms, testbeds and applications.
  • design of power-aware, location-based MAC and routing strategies for wireless ad hoc and sensor networks - the focus is in particular for low bit rate networks based on Ultra Wide Band technology. The research work aims at the definition of algorithms for resource management and routing optimized for the specific features of Ultra Wide Band, in particular ranging and distributed positioning capabilities.
  • routing and network organization in cognitive radio networks - my research work focuses on the definition of network organization algorithms taking into account the specific requirements of cognitive radio networks, with specific focus on clustering and cooperative spectrum sensing; routing in multi-hop cognitive radio in networks is a second topic of interest.


Wireless communications
indoor positioning
cognitive radio

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