Vincenzo Esposito


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
A Study of Alternative TrkA Splicing Identifies TrkAIII as a Novel Potentially Targetable Participant in PitNET Progression BIOLOGY 2024
Key role of microsurgical dissections on cadaveric specimens in neurosurgical training: Setting up a new research anatomical laboratory and defining neuroanatomical milestones FRONTIERS IN SURGERY 2023
Surgical management of Glioma Grade 4: technical update from the neuro-oncology section of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery (SINch®): a systematic review JOURNAL OF NEURO-ONCOLOGY 2023
Anatomical landmarks during high-magnification microsurgery for a safe and effective resection of high-grade gliomas: how I do it ACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA 2023
Clinical and Molecular Characteristics of Gonadotroph Pituitary Tumors According to the WHO Classification ENDOCRINE PATHOLOGY 2023
Long-term treatment outcomes of temozolomide-based chemoradiation in patients with adult-type diffuse IDH-mutant grade 2 astrocytoma JOURNAL OF NEURO-ONCOLOGY 2023
Sleep Disorders in Patients With Craniopharyngioma: A Physiopathological and Practical Update FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2022
Immunotherapy for Aggressive and Metastatic Pituitary Neuroendocrine Tumors (PitNETs): State-of-the Art CANCERS 2022
Characterization of primary glioma cell lines derived from the patients according to 2016 CNS tumour WHO classification and comparison with their parental tumours JOURNAL OF NEURO-ONCOLOGY 2021
ATP-evoked intracellular Ca2+ transients shape the ionic permeability of human microglia from epileptic temporal cortex JOURNAL OF NEUROINFLAMMATION 2021
Salivary gland tissues and derived primary and metastatic neoplasms: unusual pitfalls in the work-up of sellar lesions. A systematic review JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION 2021
Pre-surgical fMRI Localization of the Hand Motor Cortex in Brain Tumors: Comparison Between Finger Tapping Task and a New Visual-Triggered Finger Movement Task FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2021
Histone-deacetylase 8 drives the immune response and the growth of glioma GLIA 2021
Characteristics and management of hydrocephalus associated with vestibular schwannomas: a systematic review NEUROSURGICAL REVIEW 2021
Leptomeningeal disease and brain control after postoperative stereotactic radiosurgery with or without immunotherapy for resected brain metastases JOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER 2021
Modulation of GABAergic dysfunction due to SCN1A mutation linked to Hippocampal Sclerosis ANNALS OF CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL NEUROLOGY 2020
Temporal lobe epilepsy surgery in children and adults: A multicenter study EPILEPSIA 2020
Visuo-verbal distinction revisited: new insights from a study on temporal lobe epilepsy patients in the debate over the lateralization of material-specific and process-specific aspects of memory NEUROPSYCHOLOGY, DEVELOPMENT, AND COGNITION. SECTION A, JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGY 2020
Is age an additional factor in the treatment of elderly patients with glioblastoma? A new stratification model: an Italian Multicenter Study NEUROSURGICAL FOCUS 2020
Subpial technique in supratentorial glioma resection: state of the art and analysis of costs and effectiveness in a single institute experience JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGICAL SCIENCES 2020

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