Claudio Conti


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Nonrelativistic limit of scalar and Dirac fields in curved spacetime PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2023
Random walk and non-Gaussianity of the 3D second-quantized Schrödinger–Newton nonlocal soliton NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2023
Frame dependence of the nonrelativistic limit of quantum fields PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2023
Minkowski vacuum in Rindler spacetime and Unruh thermal state for Dirac fields PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2023
Limits to the observation of Unruh radiation via first-quantized hydrogenlike atoms PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2023
Observing single particles beyond the Rindler horizon PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2023
Minkowski-Fock states in accelerated frames PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2022
Large-scale photonic natural language processing PHOTONICS RESEARCH 2022
Multidimensional hyperspin machine NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022
Nonlocality-induced surface localization in Bose-Einstein condensates of light PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2022
Metriplectic Structure of a Radiation-Matter-Interaction Toy Model ENTROPY 2022
Pattern-tunable synthetic gauge fields in topological photonic graphene NANOPHOTONICS 2022
Terahertz waves dynamic diffusion in 3D printed structures SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022
Variational quantum algorithm for Gaussian discrete solitons and their boson sampling PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2022
Anisotropic circular topological structures OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS 2021
Electric Directional Steering of Cathodoluminescence from Graphene-Based Hybrid Nanostructures PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 2021
Multidimensional topological strings by curved potentials: Simultaneous realization of a mobility edge and topological protection OSA CONTINUUM 2021
Photonic extreme learning machine by free-space optical propagation PHOTONICS RESEARCH 2021
Random Laser Spectral Fingerprinting of Lithographed Microstructures ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES 2021
Scalable Spin-Glass Optical Simulator PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 2021


  • PE2_12


  • Big data & computing
  • Micro/nano electronics & photonics

Interessi di ricerca

Nonlinear optics, Optical computing, Fundamental Physics


atomic and molecular physics and optics
machine learning
(320.7110) Ultrafast nonlinear optics.
Optics and Photonics

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