Alberto De Santis


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
A mixed finite differences scheme for gradient approximation JOURNAL OF OPTIMIZATION THEORY AND APPLICATIONS 2022
A simulation-based optimization approach for the calibration of a discrete event simulation model of an emergency department ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH 2022
Sportsmen’s Attitude towards Dietary Supplements and Nutrition Knowledge: An Investigation in Selected Roman Area Gyms NUTRIENTS 2022
The carbon footprint of Italian schools meals: An optimal choice of dishes in vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous menus FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION 2022
Determining the optimal piecewise constant approximation for the nonhomogeneous Poisson process rate of Emergency Department patient arrivals FLEXIBLE SERVICES AND MANUFACTURING JOURNAL 2021
The Promotions of Sustainable Lunch Meals in School Feeding Programs: The Case of Italy NUTRIENTS 2021
Multi-indicator design and assessment of sustainable diet plans JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2021
A derivative-free optimization approach for the autotuning of a Forex trading strategy OPTIMIZATION LETTERS 2020
Could Dietary Goals and Climate Change Mitigation Be Achieved Through Optimized Diet? The Experience of Modeling the National Food Consumption Data in Italy FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION 2020
Making a Sustainable Diet Acceptable: An Emerging Programming Model With Applications to Schools and Nursing Homes Menus FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION 2020
Concurrent economic and environmental impacts of food consumption: are low emissions diets affordable? JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2019
Classification of ductile cast iron specimens: A machine learning approach FRATTURA E INTEGRITÀ STRUTTURALE 2017
Fatigue crack propagation in Ductile Cast Irons: An Artificial Neural Networks based model PROCEDIA STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY 2017
Classification of ductile cast iron specimens based on image analysis and support vector machine PROCEDIA STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY 2017
An optimal plan for food consumption with minimal environmental impact: the case of school lunch menus JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2016
Pde based inpainting algorithms: performance evaluation of the Cahn-Hillard model 2016

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