Marco Grilli


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The Shrinking Fermi Liquid Scenario for Strange-Metal Behavior from Overdamped Optical Phonons CONDENSED MATTER 2024
Dissipative quantum criticality as a source of strange metal behavior SYMMETRY 2023
Signature of quantum criticality in cuprates by charge density fluctuations NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Superfluid response of two-dimensional filamentary superconductors SCIPOST PHYSICS 2023
How Alex Muller's ideas intertwined with the condensed matter theory group of Rome PHYSICA. C, SUPERCONDUCTIVITY 2023
Dissipation-driven strange metal behavior COMMUNICATIONS PHYSICS 2022
Two-gap s± -wave superconductivity at an oxide interface PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2022
The Strange-Metal Behavior of Cuprates CONDENSED MATTER 2022
Casimir energy for N superconducting cavities: a model for the YBCO (GdBCO) sample to be used in the Archimedes experiment THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS 2022
Quantum zero point electromagnetic energy difference between the superconducting and the normal phase in a high-T-c superconducting metal bulk sample PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2022
Strange metal behaviour from charge density fluctuations in cuprates COMMUNICATIONS PHYSICS 2021
High-bandwidth beam balance for vacuum-weight experiment and Newtonian noise subtraction THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS 2021
Finite-frequency dissipation in two-dimensional superconductors with disorder at the nanoscale NANOMATERIALS 2021
On the Superconducting Critical Temperature of Heavily Disordered Interfaces Hosting Multi-Gap Superconductivity COATINGS 2021
Picoradiant tiltmeter and direct ground tilt measurements at the Sos Enattos site THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS 2021
Raman Response in the Nematic Phase of FeSe PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2020
Progress in a Vacuum Weight Search Experiment PHYSICS 2020
Superfluid properties of superconductors with disorder at the nanoscale: a random impedance model CONDENSED MATTER 2020
Doping-dependent competition between superconductivity and polycrystalline charge density waves SCIPOST PHYSICS 2020
Protected superconductivity at the boundaries of charge-density-wave domains NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2020

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