Mary Anne Tafuri


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Disability and care in Western Europe during Medieval times: A bioarchaeological perspective INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PALEOPATHOLOGY 2024
Introducing Isotòpia: a stable isotope database for Classical Antiquity PLOS ONE 2024
Evidence for mild diagenesis in archaeological human bones from the Fewet necropolis (SW Libya). New insights and Implications from ATR–FTIR spectroscopy APPLIED SCIENCES 2023
Multi-isotope analysis of primary and secondary dentin as a mean to broaden intra-life dietary reconstruction. A case from Longobard Italy INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OSTEOARCHAEOLOGY 2023
An unprecedented case of cranial surgery in Longobard Italy (6th–8th century) using a cruciform incision INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OSTEOARCHAEOLOGY 2023
Stabbed to death. An osteobiography example of violence among Longobards (Povegliano Veronese, Italy, 6th-8th c CE) ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023
Regional long-term analysis of dietary isotopes in Neolithic southeastern Italy: new patterns and research directions SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2023
Virtual excavation and analysis of the early Neanderthal cranium from Altamura (Italy) COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2023
Shedding light on the Dark Ages: reconstructing dietary habits and mobility phenomena in Medieval Florence using a multi-isotopic approach ABSTRACT BOOK 29TH EAA ANNUAL MEETING 30TH AUGUST - 2ND SEPTEMBER 2023 2023
The Mediterranean archive of isotopic data, a dataset to explore lifeways from the Neolithic to the Iron Age SCIENTIFIC DATA 2023
About isotopes, remains, and Classical Antiquity: identifying data gaps in mediterranean bioarchaeological research using the Isotòpia database Abstract book. 29th EAA annual meeting 2023
Identifying Data Gaps in Isotopic Research for Classical Antiquity XXV Congresso Nazionale dell’Associazione Antropologica Italiana. Essere Umani. Abstract 2023
Diet in the Neolithic Tavoliere (Puglia, Italy) using stable isotope analysis of amino acids Abstract book - 29th EAA annual meeting 2023
Differences, before and after the grave, in Neolithic southeastern Italy Abstract book - 29th EAA annual meeting 2023
Severe ankylosis of the left hip in the Early Medieval Community of Selvicciola (Italy, 4th-8th Centuries CE) Abstract book - XXIV Congresso Nazionale Associazione Antropologica Italiana 2022
Health care among an Early Medieval community in Italy (Selvicciola, 4th-8th centuries CE) Abstract book - 23rd Paleopathology Association European Meeting 2022
Bioarcheologia della classe operaia: il caso studio della necropoli romana di Lucus Feroniae (I-III secolo CE) Associazione Antropologica Italiana (AAI) - Abstract 2022
Exploring Shifting Roman Subsistence Practises through a Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Isotopic Data UK ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCES CONFERENCE 2022 - Abstract Book 2022
Living and surviving in the Roman Empire: skeletal trauma and strontium isotopes of an individual from Lucus Feroniae (Rome, Italy) Vilnius University Proceedings 2022
Exploring shifts in Roman subsistence practises through a Bayesian meta-analysis of isotopic data 28th EAA Annual Meeting Budapest, Hungary - Abstract book 2022


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I am a bioarchaeologist with a main interest in osteology and isotopic investigations of ancient human remains. I am a member of several archaeological missions in Italy, Africa and the Near East, where I coordinate the osteological investigations. My research projects have received funding from the European Union and from various Italian and British Institutions. In 2020 I have been awarded (as co-beneficiary) an ERC Advanced Grant for the Project Making Ancestors: the Policy of Death in Prehistoric Europe. I am Honorary Research Associate at the University of Cambridge.


stable isotope ratio analysis

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