Moreno Di Marco


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Modelling the probability of meeting IUCN Red List criteria to support reassessments GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY 2024
Scenarios of change in the realized climatic niche of mountain carnivores and ungulates CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 2023
Opportunities and challenges for Common Agricultural Policy reform to support the European Green Deal CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 2023
Implications of exceeding the Paris Agreement for mammalian biodiversity CONSERVATION SCIENCE AND PRACTICE 2023
Synergistic effects of habitat fragmentation and hunting on the extinction risk of neotropical primates BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION 2023
Prioritizing the reassessment of data deficient species on the IUCN Red List CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 2023
Dissimilarity of vertebrate trophic interactions reveals spatial uniqueness but functional redundancy across Europe CURRENT BIOLOGY 2023
Operationalizing One Health: Environmental Solutions for Pandemic Prevention ECOHEALTH 2023
Using social media records to inform conservation planning CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 2023
Elevational homogenization of mountain parasitoids across six decades PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2023
Increasing biodiversity knowledge through social media: A case study from tropical Bangladesh BIOSCIENCE 2023
The role of high-biodiversity regions in preserving Nature’s Contributions to People NATURE SUSTAINABILITY 2023
A standard approach for including climate change responses in IUCN Red List assessments CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 2023
Bridging the research-implementation gap in IUCN Red List assessments TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 2022
Matrix condition mediates the effects of habitat fragmentation on species extinction risk NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022
The minimum land area requiring conservation attention to safeguard biodiversity SCIENCE 2022
Area of Habitat maps for the world’s terrestrial birds and mammals SCIENTIFIC DATA 2022
Reptile research shows new avenues and old challenges for extinction risk modelling PLOS BIOLOGY 2022
Conservation implications and opportunities of mining activities for terrestrial mammal habitat CONSERVATION SCIENCE AND PRACTICE 2022
Land-use and climate risk assessment for earth's remaining wilderness CURRENT BIOLOGY 2022

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