Matteo Saccucci


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
In vivo and in vitro accuracy analysis of static computer-assisted implant surgery in an edentulous patient APPLIED SCIENCES 2023
Salivary test assessment in an oncohematological pediatric sample: a case control study APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Musculoskeletal disorders related to dental hygienist profession INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DENTAL HYGIENE 2022
Current knowledge on the association between cardiovascular and periodontal disease: an umbrella review MINERVA CARDIOLOGY AND ANGIOLOGY 2022
Porphyromonas gingivalis amount in the tongue biofilm is associated with erosive arthritis in systemic lupus erythematosus LUPUS 2022
Endosseous dental implant materials and clinical outcomes of different alloys: a systematic review MATERIALS 2022
The validity of machine learning procedures in orthodontics: what is still missing? JOURNAL OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE 2022
Assessment of Enamel Color Stability of Resins Infiltration Treatment in Human Teeth: A Systematic Review INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2022
Root fracture and extrusive luxation in primary teeth and their management: a case report DENTISTRY JOURNAL 2021
Diet implications and oral health status of women in Central Italy EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF DENTISTRY 2021
Oxford manuale di odontoiatria clinica Oxford Manuale di Odontoiatria Clinica 2020
Oral plaque from Type 2 diabetic patients reduces the clonogenic capacity of dental pulp-derived mesenchymal stem cells STEM CELLS INTERNATIONAL 2019
Enamel remineralization and repair results of Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite toothpaste on deciduous teeth: an effective option to fluoride toothpaste JOURNAL OF NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY 2019
Dental cone beam computed tomography in children: clinical effectiveness and cancer risk due to radiation exposure ONCOLOGY 2019
Prevalence of maxillary canine impaction in skeletal Class III malocclusions compared to Class I malocclusions JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL DENTISTRY 2019
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in the pediatric age: the role of the dentist EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2019
Periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis: the same inflammatory mediators? MEDIATORS OF INFLAMMATION 2019
Porphyromonas gingivalis and rheumatoid arthritis CURRENT OPINION IN RHEUMATOLOGY 2019
Surface disinfections: present and future JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS 2018
Autoimmune diseases and their manifestations on oral cavity: diagnosis and clinical management JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH 2018

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