Mauro Pasquali


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Divalent Metal Ion Depletion from Wastewater by RVC Cathodes: A Critical Review MATERIALS 2024
X‐ray microscopy. A non‐destructive multi‐scale imaging to study the inner workings of batteries CHEMELECTROCHEM 2023
X-Ray Microscopy: A Non-Destructive Multi-Scale Imaging to Study the Inner Workings of Batteries CHEMELECTROCHEM 2023
Bio-electrochemical production of hydrogen and electricity from organic waste: preliminary assessment CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY 2022
X-ray microscopy – A non-destructive high-resolution imaging to study the inner workings of batteries GEI 2022 - Collection of abstracts 2022
Preliminary Investigation of a New Integrated Bio-Electrochemical System for Bio-Hydrogen Production from Cheese Whey Proceedings 6th Eurasia Waste Management Symposium 2022
Indium electrowinning kinetics on titanium, aluminum and copper supports from sulfate solution JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2021
Recent advances in electrochemical chitosan-based chemosensors and biosensors: applications in food safety CHEMOSENSORS 2021
Review - multiscale characterization of Li-Ion batteries through the combined use of atomic force microscopy and X-ray microscopy and considerations for a correlative analysis of the reviewed data JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY 2021
Insight into the integration of dark fermentation with electrochemical methods for H2 and electricity production Proceedings Sardinia 2021, Eighteenth International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium 2021
Indium electrowinning study from sulfate aqueous solution using different metal cathodes JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2020
Process parameters affecting the efficiency of indium electrowinning results from sulfate baths HYDROMETALLURGY 2020
Polysulfide solution effects on Li[sbnd]S batteries performances JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2020
Spinning disk reactor technique for the synthesis of nanometric sulfur TiO2Core-Shell powder for lithium batteries APPLIED SCIENCES 2019
Cu-catalyzed Si-NWS grown on “carbon paper” as anodes for Li-ion cells AIP Conference Proceedings 2019
Synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical behavior of LiMnxFe(1-x)PO4composites obtained from phenylphosphonate-based organic-inorganic hybrids MATERIALS 2018
Carbon powder material obtained from an innovative high pressure water jet recycling process of tires used as anode in alkali ion (Li, Na) batteries SOLID STATE IONICS 2018
Influence of the heat treatment on the particles size and on the crystalline phase of TiO2 synthesized by the sol-gel method MATERIALS 2018
Effectiveness of sodium citrate on electrodeposition process of NiCoW alloys for hydrogen evolution reaction INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY 2017
Pyrolysis of WEEE plastics using catalysts produced from fly ash of coal gasification FRONTIERS OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & ENGINEERING 2017

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