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Gis and remote sensing for renewable energy assessment and maps ENERGIES 2022
Renewable and sustainable energy challenges to face for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 2022
Investigation on Performance of Various Power Control Strategies with Bifilar Coil for Induction Surface Melting Application ENERGIES 2022
Enhanced Salp Swarm Algorithm for Multimodal Optimization and Fuzzy Based Grid Frequency Controller Design ENERGIES 2022
The EPLANoptMAC model to plan the decarbonisation of the maritime transport sector of a small island ENERGY 2022
Data-driven load profile modelling for advanced measurement and verification (M&V) in a fully electrified building BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT 2022
Comparison methods of energy system frameworks, models and scenario results RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 2022
Techno-economic analysis of biogas production and use scenarios in a small island energy system ENERGY 2022
A research agenda for open energy science: Opportunities and perspectives of the F1000Research Energy Gateway F1000RESEARCH 2022
Systematic Review on Impact of Different Irradiance Forecasting Techniques for Solar Energy Prediction ENERGIES 2022
A Critical Review on the Estimation Techniques of the Solar PV Cell’s Unknown Parameters ENERGIES 2022
Energy Consumption in a Smart City ENERGIES 2022
Integration of heat extraction from abandoned wells with renewables Utilization of Thermal Potential of Abandoned Wells: Fundamentals, Applications and Research 2022
Simulation and thermodynamic modeling of heat extraction from abandoned wells Utilization of Thermal Potential of Abandoned Wells: Fundamentals, Applications and Research 2022
Exploring the penetration of renewable energy at increasing the boundaries of the urban energy system – The PRISMI plus toolkit application to Monachil, Spain SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND ASSESSMENTS 2022
Solar power-to-gas application to an island energy system RENEWABLE ENERGY 2021
Techno-economic assessment of reversible Solid Oxide Cell integration to renewable energy systems at building and district scale ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT 2021
A techno-economic assessment on the adoption of latent heat thermal energy storage systems for district cooling optimal dispatch & operations APPLIED ENERGY 2021
Load shifting and peak clipping for reducing energy consumption in an indian university campus ENERGIES 2021
The road to developing economically feasible plans for green, comfortable and energy efficient buildings ENERGIES 2021


  • SH7_5
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  • Sustainable technologies & development


hydrogen economy
technologies for sustainable buildings
Energy systems
island energy systems
energy planning

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