Roberto Baldoni


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Function Representations for Binary Similarity IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEPENDABLE AND SECURE COMPUTING 2021
AndroDFA: Android Malware Classification Based on Resource Consumption INFORMATION 2020
MalFamAware: Automatic Family Identification and Malware Classification Through Online Clustering INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SECURITY 2020
Survey of Machine Learning Techniques for Malware Analysis COMPUTERS & SECURITY 2019
Investigating Graph Embedding Neural Networks with Unsupervised Features Extraction for Binary Analysis Proceedings BAR 2019 Workshop on Binary Analysis Research 2019
SAFE: Self-Attentive Function Embeddings for Binary Similarity Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment 2019
PASCAL: An architecture for proactive auto-scaling of distributed services FUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS 2019
A Survey of Symbolic Execution Techniques ACM COMPUTING SURVEYS 2018
A Blockchain-Based Solution for Enabling Log-Based Resolution of Disputes in Multi-party Transactions Proceedings of 5th International Conference in Software Engineeringfor Defence Applications SEDA 2016 2018
Il Futuro della Cybersecurity in Italia: Ambiti Progettuali Strategici 2018
PDF-Malware Detection: A Survey and Taxonomy of Current Techniques Cyber Threat Intelligence 2018
Unsupervised Features Extraction for Binary Similarity Using Graph Embedding Neural Networks 2018
The future of Cybersecurity in Italy: Strategic focus area 2018
PBFT vs proof-of-authority: Applying the CAP theorem to permissioned blockchain Proceedings of the Second Italian Conference on Cybersecurity ITASEC18 2018
Bee’s strategy against byzantines replacing byzantine participants: (Extended Abstract) Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems 2018
Share a pie? Privacy-preserving knowledge base export through count-min sketches CODASPY '17 Proceedings of the Seventh ACM on Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy 2017
Building Regular Registers with Rational Malicious Servers and Anonymous Clients Cyber Security Cryptography and Machine Learning 2017
Blockchain-based database to ensure data integrity in cloud computing environments Proceedings of the First Italian Conference on Cybersecurity (ITASEC17) 2017
Malware Family Identification with BIRCH Clustering 2017 International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (ICCST) 2017
Malware Triage Based on Static Features and Public APT Reports Cyber Security Cryptographyand Machine Learning 2017

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