Claudia Venditti


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Theoretical computation of the band broadening in micro-pillar array columns JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2024
An alternative general model for the effective longitudinal diffusion in chromatographic beds filled with ordered porous particles JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2024
Prediction of Plate Height Curves of Porous-Shell Pillar Array Columns Micro-Pillar Array Columns SEPARATIONS 2024
On the contribution of the top and bottom walls in micro-pillar array columns and related high-aspect ratio chromatography systems JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2024
On the modelling of the effective longitudinal diffusion in bi-continuous chromatographic beds JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2024
Fractionation of a three-particle mixture by Brownian sieving hydrodynamic chromatography CHEMICAL ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY 2023
Moment analysis for predicting effective transport properties in hierarchical retentive porous media JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2023
Nonadditivity and Nonlinearity of Mobile and Stationary Zone Mass Transfer Resistances in Chromatography ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2023
Inertial effects and long-term transport properties of particle motion in washboard potential PHYSICA. A 2022
Invariant manifold approach for quantifying the dynamics of highly inertial particles in steady and time-periodic incompressible flows CHAOS 2022
On the dynamic role of energy in underdamped particle motion PHYSICA. A 2022
Comparison between one- and two-way coupling approaches for estimating effective transport properties of suspended particles undergoing Brownian sieving hydrodynamic chromatography PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2022
Impact of transversal vortices on the performance of open-tubular liquid chromatography JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2022
Taming Taylor-Aris dispersion through chaotic advection JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2022
Exact moment analysis of transient/asymptotic dispersion properties in periodic media with adsorbing/desorbing walls PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2022
Swelling and Drug Release in Polymers through the Theory of Poisson–Kac Stochastic Processes GELS 2021
Non-isothermal moving-boundary model for food drying CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2021
A non-isothermal moving-boundary model for continuous and intermittent drying of pears FOODS 2020
Laminar dispersion at low and high Peclet numbers in a sinusoidal microtube: point-size versus finite-size particles PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2019
Exact moment analysis of transient dispersion properties in periodic media PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2019

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