Ferdinando Salata


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Climate-change related evolution of future building cooling energy demand in a Mediterranean Country ENERGY AND BUILDINGS 2023
Existing Stature and Possible Outlook of Renewable Power in Comprehensive Electricity Market PROCESSES 2023
On the identification and characterization of outdoor thermo-hygrometric stress events URBAN CLIMATE 2023
An innovative multi-objective optimization digital workflow for social housing deep energy renovation design process Technological Imagination in the Green and Digital Transition 2023
Estimating building cooling energy demand through the Cooling Degree Hours in a changing climate: A modeling study SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY 2022
A preliminary study of summer thermo-hygrometric comfort under different environmental conditions in a Mediterranean city URBAN SCIENCE 2022
Energy retrofit optimization by means of genetic algorithms as an answer to fuel poverty mitigation in social housing buildings ATMOSPHERE 2022
Thermal comfort in the outdoor built environment: the role of clothing Urban Heat Stress and Mitigation Solutions- An Engineering Perspective 2022
On the association between high outdoor thermo-hygrometric comfort index and severe ground-level ozone. A first investigation ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 2021
A first approach to the optimization of landing and take-off operations through intelligent algorithms for compliance with the acoustic standards in multi-runway airports APPLIED ACOUSTICS 2021
Indoor lighting customization based on effective reflectance coefficients: A methodology to optimize visual performance and decrease consumption in educative workplaces SUSTAINABILITY 2021
Decarbonization of Summer Cooling Energy Demands of Buildings Employing Absorption Systems in the Framework of Climate Change in Italy JOURNAL OF SOLAR ENERGY RESEARCH UPDATES 2021
Effects of local conditions on the multi-variable and multi-objective energy optimization of residential buildings using genetic algorithms APPLIED ENERGY 2020
Multi-objective optimization of building retrofit in the Mediterranean climate by means of genetic algorithm application ENERGY AND BUILDINGS 2020
The perspective of total lighting as a key factor to Increase the sustainability of strategic activities SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Energy demands of buildings in the framework of climate change: an investigation across Europe SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY 2020
Advances in Theoretical and Computational Energy Optimization Processes PROCESSES 2020
Outdoor thermal perception and comfort conditions in the Köppen-Geiger climate category BSk. One-year field survey and measurement campaign in Konya, Turkey SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2020
Multi-objective approach to the optimization of shape and envelope in building energy design APPLIED ENERGY 2020
The guatemalan construction characterizaton of the perceived risk by managers of suffering work accidents JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT 2020

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