Francesca Iandolo


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Zooming in and out the landscape: Artificial intelligence and system dynamics in business and management TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE 2024
Bibliometric analysis and topic modeling of the literature on artificial intelligence in healthcare Innovation, Quality and Sustainability for a Resilient Circular Economy 2024
Evolutionary impacts of artificial intelligence in Healthcare Managerial Literature. A ten-year Bibliometric and Topic Modeling Review SUSTAINABLE FUTURES 2024
Stakeholder engagement in managing systemic risk management BUSINESS ETHICS, THE ENVIRONMENT & RESPONSIBILITY 2024
Exploring the soft shades of sustainability: evidence from Italian companies. THE TQM JOURNAL 2023
Nature-Based Solutions: A Smart Way to Improve Urban Resilience in the Face of Climate Change ITM Web of Conferences Volume 51 (2023) International Conference on Exploring Service Science (IESS 2.3) 2023
Unfolding resilience in digital platforms from a microfoundations perspective IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT 2023
Understanding Project Stakeholders Management as a Key Driver for Managing Complexity Within Mega-projects Complexity and Sustainability in Megaprojects 2023
A systemic view of risk management and the role of stakeholders: Literature review and fsQCA analysis 2023
Identifying policy options and responses to water management issues through System Dynamics and fsQCA TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE 2023
Service innovation insights in the grocery retail service ecosystem International Journal of Services and Standards 2023
Organisational ambidexterity and knowledge management: A systems perspective towards Smart Model‐based Governance SYSTEMS RESEARCH AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE 2023
Decrypting Disruptive Technologies: Review and Research Agenda of Explainable AI as a Game Changer 2023 IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (ICTMOD) 2023
Identifying Future Avenues of Research for Platform Ecosystems: A Topic Modeling Analysis Proceedings IFKAD 2023: Managing Knowledge for Sustainability 2023
BMI and digitalization. A contribution to the bibliometric debate INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUALITY AND INNOVATION 2022
Embedding sustainability in Risk Management: the impact of ESG Ratings on Corporate Financial Risk CORPORATE SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2022
Industry Dynamics and Industry 4.0 Drones for Remote Sensing Applications 2022
Il management dei beni culturali tra essenza ed assenza / The management of cultural heritage between essence and absence IL CAPITALE CULTURALE 2022
Digital Platforms for the Sustainability of Cultural Heritage Handbook of Research on Museum Management in the Digital Era 2022

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