Francesca Iandolo


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
BMI and digitalization. A contribution to the bibliometric debate INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUALITY AND INNOVATION 2022
Embedding sustainability in Risk Management: the impact of ESG Ratings on Corporate Financial Risk CORPORATE SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2022
Industry Dynamics and Industry 4.0 Drones for Remote Sensing Applications 2022
Il management dei beni culturali tra essenza ed assenza / The management of cultural heritage between essence and absence IL CAPITALE CULTURALE 2022
Digital Platforms for the Sustainability of Cultural Heritage Handbook of Research on Museum Management in the Digital Era 2022
Value Co-Creation Mechanisms for the Sustainability of a Digitally-Based Museum Ecosystem Handbook of Research on Museum Management in the Digital Era 2022
Digital Platforms Resilience: A Sensemaking Issue Proceedings IFKAD: Knowledge Drivers for Resilience and Transformation 2022
Platform-based innovation ecosystems: Entering new markets through holographic strategies INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT 2022
Web-Based Platforms in Support of Industrial Symbiosis Initiatives: A Bibliometric Review USA-CHINA BUSINESS REVIEW 2022
Finanza d’impresa e valore 2022
Understanding the Contribution of the A4A Approach to Higher Education Improving the Evaluation of Scholarly Work 2022
Socially responsible investment strategies for the transition towards sustainable development: the importance of integrating and communicating ESG THE TQM JOURNAL 2021
Resilient Oceans: Policies and Practices to Protect Marine Ecosystems Life Below Water. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 2021
Innovazione sostenibile e piattaforme digitali per i beni culturali: il caso Clickproject CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 2021
Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovative Work Behaviour: Is it a matter of perceptions? CORPORATE SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2021
The city role in the sharing economy: toward an integrated framework of practices and governance models. CITIES 2021
Decision trees to identify companies’ distress: the ai at work SINERGIE 2021
Shaping sustainable service ecosystems: an analysis of some possible enhancing factors PUNTOORG 2020
Are italian start-ups ‘born sustainable’? A systems approach to sustainability challenges PUNTOORG 2020
Combining Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Managing Collective Knowledge in Unpredictable Environment—Insights from the Chinese Case in Facing COVID-19 JOURNAL OF THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY 2020

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