Martina De Angelis


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Total stereocontrolled synthesis of a novel pyrrolizidine iminosugar CARBOHYDRATE RESEARCH 2022
Preparation of a high-density vinyl silica gel to anchor cysteine via photo-click reaction and its applications in hydrophilic interaction chromatography JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2022
Asymmetric Hydroarylation Reactions Catalyzed by Transition Metals: Last 10 Years in a Mini Review CATALYSTS 2022
Reactivity of Indolylmethylacetates with N, O, and S Soft Nucleophiles: Evidence of 2-Alkylideneindolenines and 3-Alkylideneindoleninium Generation by ESI-MS and IRMPD Spectroscopy EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2022
Stereodivergent synthesis of piperidine iminosugars 1-deoxy-D-nojirimycin and 1-deoxy-D-altronojirimycin TETRAHEDRON 2021
Fine-tuning synthesis of fluorescent silver thiolate nanoclusters JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY 2021
Preparation and Asymmetric Induction Evaluation of the First Ephedrine-Based Ligands Immobilized on Magnetic Nanoparticles ACS OMEGA 2021
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of iminosugar 1,4-dideoxy-1,4-imino-D-iditol CARBOHYDRATE RESEARCH 2020
Antioxidant and biological activities of hydroxytyrosol and homovanillic alcohol obtained from olive mill wastewaters of extra-virgin olive oil production JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY 2020
Linear β-amino alcohol catalyst anchored on functionalized magnetite nanoparticles for enantioselective addition of dialkylzinc to aromatic aldehydes RSC ADVANCES 2020
Stereodivergent sinthesis of piperidine iminosugars 1-deoxy-D-nojirimycin and 1-deoxy-D-altronojirimycin by using the asymmetric dihydroxylation reaction as key step XLIV "A. Corbella" International Summer School on Organic Synthesis - ISOS 2019 2019
Stereocontrolled synthesis of pyrrolidine iminosugars’ lipophilic derivatives XXXIX Convegno Nazionale della Divisione di Chimica Organica della Società Chimica Italiana, CDCO, Torino 8-12 Settembre 2019 2019
Stereocontrolled synthesis of pyrrolidine iminosugars through asymmetric dihydroxylation reaction Merck Young Chemists’ Symposium XIX edition 2019
Role of some food-grade synthesized flavonoids on the control of ochratoxin a in aspergillus carbonarius MOLECULES 2019
Functionalized magnetic nanoparticles as catalysts for enantioselective Henry reaction ACS OMEGA 2019

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