Marco Iosa


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Validation of SuPerSense, a Sensorized Surface for the Evaluation of Posture Perception in Supine Position SENSORS 2023
The role of feedback in the robotic-assisted upper limb rehabilitation in people with multiple sclerosis: a systematic review EXPERT REVIEW OF MEDICAL DEVICES 2023
The role of walking experience in the emergence of gait harmony in typically developing toddlers BRAIN SCIENCES 2022
Gaming Technology for Pediatric Neurorehabilitation: A Systematic Review FRONTIERS IN PEDIATRICS 2022
Motor imagery and gait control in Parkinson’s disease: techniques and new perspectives in neurorehabilitation EXPERT REVIEW OF NEUROTHERAPEUTICS 2022
Artificial Neural Network Detects Hip Muscle Forces as Determinant for Harmonic Walking in People after Stroke SENSORS 2022
The Effects of Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Taping on Postural Control in Healthy Young Adults: A Pilot Crossover Study HEALTHCARE 2022
Identification of Determinants of Biofeedback Treatment’s Efficacy in Treating Migraine and Oxidative Stress by ARIANNA (ARtificial Intelligent Assistant for Neural Network Analysis) HEALTHCARE 2022
Performance Index for in Home Assessment of Motion Abilities in Ataxia Telangiectasia: A Pilot Study APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Rehabilitation outcomes in Huntington disease patients with low body mass index JOURNAL OF MUSCULOSKELETAL INTERACTIONS 2022
Editorial: Rhythmic Patterns in Neuroscience and Human Physiology FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2022
Editorial: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Pathophysiology, Epidemiology, Clinical Management and Public Health Response, Volume II FRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH 2022
Principal Component Analysis of Oxford Cognitive Screen in Patients With Stroke FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2022
Inside the Michelangelo effect: The role of art and aesthetic attractiveness on perceived fatigue and hand kinematics in virtual painting PSYCH JOURNAL 2022
Motor Imagery and Sport Performance: A Systematic Review on the PETTLEP Model APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Influence of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation on Nutritional Status and Neural Plasticity: New Perspectives on Post-Stroke Neurorehabilitative Outcome NUTRIENTS 2022
Editorial: Use of computerized gait analysis in neurological pathologies FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2022
Reference theories and future perspectives on robot-assisted rehabilitation in people with neurological conditions: A scoping review and recommendations from the Italian Consensus Conference on Robotics in Neurorehabilitation (CICERONE) NEUROREHABILITATION 2022
May Dual Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Enhance the Efficacy of Robot-Assisted Therapy for Promoting Upper Limb Recovery in Chronic Stroke? NEUROREHABILITATION AND NEURAL REPAIR 2022
Exploring the Potential of Immersive Virtual Reality in the Treatment of Unilateral Spatial Neglect Due to Stroke: A Comprehensive Systematic Review BRAIN SCIENCES 2022

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