Luca Salvati


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Statistica, economia e sostenibilità. Indicatori per l'analisi regionale 2024
Assessing path-dependent urban growth with geographically weighted regressions ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REVIEW 2023
Central Locations across Spatial Scales: A Quantitative Evaluation for Italy Using Census Enumeration District Indicators ISPRS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEO-INFORMATION 2023
Mono-centrism as a Destiny? An Econometric Test of Urban Models Using Building Activity APPLIED SPATIAL ANALYSIS AND POLICY 2023
Toward a ‘Migrant Trap’? Local Development, Urban Sustainability, Sociodemographic Inequalities, and the Economic Decline in a Mediterranean Metropolis SOCIAL SCIENCES 2023
Investigating metropolitan change through mathematical morphology and a dynamic factor analysis of structural and functional land-use indicators SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2023
Testing Taylor’s Law in Urban Population Dynamics Worldwide with Simultaneous Equation Models ECONOMIES 2023
Simple geographies for complex problems? Revisiting long-term urbanization and settlement population mismatches using elasticity indicators and context-based nonparametric analysis THE ANNALS OF REGIONAL SCIENCE 2023
A tale of a shrinking City? Exploring the complex interplay of socio-demographic dynamics in the recent development of Attica, Greece CITIES 2023
Agglomeration vs amenities? Unraveling the latent engine of growth in metropolitan Greece ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING. B, URBAN ANALYTICS AND CITY SCIENCE 2023
Enlarging the divide? Per-Capita Income as a measure of social inequalities in a southern European City QUALITY & QUANTITY 2023
Delineating the Intrinsic, Long-Term Path of Land Degradation: A Spatially Explicit Transition Matrix for Italy, 1960–2010 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2023
Mixed Land Use as an Intrinsic Feature of Sprawl: A Short-Term Analysis of Settlement Growth and Population Distribution Using European Urban Atlas LAND 2023
Easy come, easy go: Short-term land-use dynamics vis à vis regional economic downturns SOCIO-ECONOMIC PLANNING SCIENCES 2023
Towards diverging land prices in agricultural districts? Evidence from Italy before and after the great crisis ZEMEDELSKA EKONOMIKA 2023
Did COVID-19 enlarge spatial disparities in population dynamics? A comparative, multivariate approach for Italy QUALITY & QUANTITY 2023
The Way Toward Growth: A Time‑series Factor Decomposition of Socioeconomic Impulses and Urbanization Trends in a Pre‑crisis European Region SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 2023
Toward Sustainable Development Trajectories? Estimating Urban Footprints from High-Resolution Copernicus Layers in Athens, Greece LAND 2023
There’s no time like the present: path-dependent urban growth, agglomeration economies and congestion externalities in contemporary Athens URBAN HISTORY 2023
A spatial regression analysis of Colombia’s narcodeforestation with factor decomposition of multiple predictors SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2023

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