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A two-objective optimization of ship itineraries for a cruise company 4OR 2023
A simulation-based optimization approach for the calibration of a discrete event simulation model of an emergency department ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH 2022
Determining the optimal piecewise constant approximation for the nonhomogeneous Poisson process rate of Emergency Department patient arrivals FLEXIBLE SERVICES AND MANUFACTURING JOURNAL 2021
Effect of different patient peak arrivals on an Emergency Department via discrete event simulation SIMULATION 2021
A Simulation-Based Optimization approach for analyzing the ambulance diversion phenomenon in an Emergency Department network 2021
Cruise itineraries optimal scheduling OPTIMIZATION LETTERS 2020
A Class of Approximate Inverse Preconditioners Based on Krylov-Subspace Methods for Large-Scale Nonconvex Optimization SIAM JOURNAL ON OPTIMIZATION 2020
Iterative Grossone-Based Computation of Negative Curvature Directions in Large-Scale Optimization JOURNAL OF OPTIMIZATION THEORY AND APPLICATIONS 2020
Issues on the use of a modified Bunch and Kaufman decomposition for large scale Newton’s equation COMPUTATIONAL OPTIMIZATION AND APPLICATIONS 2020
How grossone can be helpful to iteratively compute negative curvature directions Learning and Intelligent Optimization 2019
Preconditioned nonlinear conjugate gradient methods based on a modified secant equation APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION 2018
An adaptive truncation criterion, for linesearch-based truncated Newton methods in large scale nonconvex optimization OPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS 2018
Data and performance profiles applying an adaptive truncation criterion, within linesearch-based truncated Newton methods in large scale nonconvex optimization DATA IN BRIEF 2018
Quasi-Newton based preconditioning and damped quasi-Newton schemes for nonlinear conjugate gradient methods Numerical analysis and optimization 2018
Novel preconditioners based on quasi–Newton updates for nonlinear conjugate gradient methods OPTIMIZATION LETTERS 2017
Exploiting damped techniques for nonlinear conjugate gradient methods MATHEMATICAL METHODS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH 2017
A derivative-free approach for a simulation-based optimization problem in healthcare OPTIMIZATION LETTERS 2016
A novel class of approximate inverse preconditioners for large positive definite linear systems in optimization COMPUTATIONAL OPTIMIZATION AND APPLICATIONS 2016
A simulation-based multiobjective optimization approach for health care service management IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2016
Preconditioning strategies for nonlinear conjugate gradient methods, based on quasi-Newton updates Numerical computations: theory and algorithms (NUMTA–2016). Proceedings of the 2nd international conference “Numerical computations: theory and agorithms” 2016


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Interessi di ricerca

Nonlinear Optimization, Discrete Event Simulation, Simulation based Optimization


Black-box optimization

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