Ferdinando Bosi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Petrogenetic controls on the origin of tourmalinite veins from Mandrolisai igneous massif (central Sardinia, Italy). Insights from tourmaline crystal chemistry LITHOS 2019
On the chemical identification and classification of minerals MINERALS 2019
On the application of the IMA-CNMNC dominant-valency rule to complex mineral compositions MINERALOGICAL MAGAZINE 2019
Hydroxylhedyphane, Ca2Pb3(AsO4)3(OH), a new member of the apatite supergroup from Långban, Sweden EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MINERALOGY 2019
Experimental investigation of the stability of iron-rich tourmaline as a function of pressure, temperature and oxygen fugacity with implications for the release of B-rich fluid during subduction Società Geologica Italiana, Roma 2019 2019
Tourmaline crystal chemistry AMERICAN MINERALOGIST 2018
Late magmatic controls on the origin of schorlitic and foititic tourmalines from late-Variscan peraluminous granites of the Arbus pluton (SW Sardinia, Italy). Crystal-chemical study and petrological constraints LITHOS 2018
Experimental cation redistribution in the tourmaline lucchesiite, CaFe2+3Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3O Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 2018
Fe–Mg substitution in aluminate spinels. Effects on elastic properties investigated by Brillouin scattering Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 2018
Reexploring the cation ordering and magnetic cation substitution effects on the elastic anisotropy of aluminum spinels JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2018
Fluor-elbaite, lepidolite and Ta–Nb oxides from a pegmatite of the 3000 Ma Sinceni Pluton, Swaziland. Evidence for lithium–cesium–tantalum (LCT) pegmatites in the Mesoarchean EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MINERALOGY 2018
Lucchesiite, CaFe32+Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3O, a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup MINERALOGICAL MAGAZINE 2017
Chromium influence on Mg-Al intracrystalline exchange in spinels and geothermometric implications THE AMERICAN MINERALOGIST 2017
Crystal-chemical aspects of the roméite group, A2Sb2O6Y, of the pyrochlore supergroup MINERALOGICAL MAGAZINE 2017
Crystal-chemical relations and classification problems of tourmalines belonging to the oxy-schorl–oxy-dravite–bosiite–povondraite series EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MINERALOGY 2017
Crystal chemistry of Al-V-Cr oxy-tourmalines from Sludyanka complex, Lake Baikal, Russia EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MINERALOGY 2017
Oxy-foitite, (Fe2+Al2)Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3O, a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MINERALOGY 2017
The crystal structure of turneaureite, Ca5(AsO4)3Cl, the arsenate analog of chlorapatite, and its relationships with the arsenate apatites johnbaumite and svabite AMERICAN MINERALOGIST 2017
Thermal stability of extended clusters in dravite. A combined EMP, SREF and FTIR study Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 2016
Thermally induced cation redistribution in Fe-bearing oxy-dravite and potential geothermometric implications CONTRIBUTIONS TO MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY 2016


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Interessi di ricerca

Mineralogia e Cristallografia: cristallochimica teorica e sperimentale dei minerali, sistematica dei minerali


bond strength
crystal chemistry
X ray crystallography

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