Luca Rizzetto


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Track geometry monitoring by an on-board computer-vision-based sensor system TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2023
Fire Management on Container Ships. New Strategies and Technologies TRANSNAV 2023
Effetti delle dimensioni delle navi sulle emissioni delle flotte container e passeggeri // Effects of ships’ dimension on emissions of container and cruise fleets INGEGNERIA FERROVIARIA 2022
Visual measurement system for wheel–rail lateral position evaluation SENSORS 2021
Reduction of gaseous emissions from ships. Comparative overview of methods and technologies Urban and Maritime Transport XXVII (2021) 2021
Dimensioning of Container Terminals. Validation and Application Fields for a Stochastic Process Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2021 : 21st International Conference, Cagliari, Italy, September 13–16, 2021, Proceedings, Part X 2021
Deep learning based virtual point tracking for real-time target-less dynamic displacement measurement in railway applications CASE STUDIES IN MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING 2021
Risk evaluation of failures of the running gear with effects on rail infrastructure ENGINEERING FAILURE ANALYSIS 2021
Development of a contactless sensor system to support rail track geometry on-board monitoring Road and Rail Infrastructure VI proceedings of 6th CETRA International Conference on Road and Rail Infrastructure 2021
Ports’ structural and operational benchmark: Methodology and application to the Mediterranean basin Maritime Transport 2019 2020
Management and infrastructures in a maritime coal terminal. A decision-making methodology Maritime Transport 2019 2020
Preliminary cost-effectiveness analysis of the measures put in the place by EU member states to implement the directive on reduction of sulphur content in fuels used by ships Maritime Transport 2019 2020
Unplanned rail service disruptions. Recovery Index for the station analysis where to set up a bus bridging // Interruzioni accidentali del servizio ferroviario. Un Recovery Index per l’analisi delle stazioni dove istituire servizi di autobus sostitutivi INGEGNERIA FERROVIARIA 2020
Requirement specifications for track measuring and monitoring systems // Specifiche di requisiti per sistemi di misura e monitoraggio del binario INGEGNERIA FERROVIARIA 2020
Effetti potenziali del cambiamento nel regime italiano dei diritti di accesso ferroviari sui servizi passeggeri // Potential effects of changes in the Italian railway access charge regime on passenger services INGEGNERIA FERROVIARIA 2019
Integrating on-board authorisation measurements with in-service measurements and risk assessment towards more effective running dynamics approval Proceedings of the World Congress on Railway Research WCRR 2019 2019
Effects of passengers flows on regularity of metro services: case studies of Rome lines A and B INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT AND INTEGRATION 2018
Present and future operation of rail freight terminals Transport Systems and Delivery of Cargo on East–West Routes 2018
An analysis of the railway access charges regime in the Italian context TRANSPORT POLICY 2018
Rail Education in Italy: The Successful Experience of Cooperation Between Academia and Industry at Sapienza Sustainable Rail Transport. Proceedings of RailNewcastle 2017 2018

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