Luca Lamazza


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Efficacy of topical treatments for the management of symptomatic oral lichen planus: a systematic review INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2023
Marginal bone changes around platform-switched conical connection implants placed 1 or 2 mm subcrestally: A multicenter crossover randomized controlled trial CLINICAL IMPLANT DENTISTRY AND RELATED RESEARCH 2023
Impact of Stress on Periodontal Health: Literature Revision HEALTHCARE 2023
Autologous dentin graft after impacted mandibular third molar extraction to prevent periodontal pocket formation—a split-mouth pilot study MATERIALS 2022
Efficacy of combined mechanical and chemical decontamination treatments on smooth and rough titanium surfaces and their effects on osteoconduction: an ex vivo study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL IMPLANTS 2022
Clinical and radiographic outcomes following transcrestal maxillary sinus floor elevation with injectable xenogenous bone substitute in gel form: a prospective multicenter study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMPLANT DENTISTRY 2022
Changes in implant stability using different site preparation techniques: osseodensification drills versus piezoelectric surgery. A multi-center prospective randomized controlled clinical trial CLINICAL IMPLANT DENTISTRY AND RELATED RESEARCH 2022
Antibiotics to prevent surgical site infection (SSI) in oral surgery: survey among italian dentists ANTIBIOTICS 2021
Reosseointegration after the surgical treatment of induced peri-implantitis: systematic review on current evidence and translation from the animal to the human model MINERVA STOMATOLOGICA 2020
Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) and its related products: biomolecular characterization of the liquid fibrinogen JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2020
Postextractive alveolar ridge preservation using L-PRF: clinical and histological evaluation CASE REPORTS IN DENTISTRY 2020
Piezoelectric implant site preparation: influence of handpiece movements on temperature elevation MATERIALS 2020
Management of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ) using leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) and photobiomodulation: a retrospective study JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2020
Antibacterial activity and impact of different antiseptics on biofilm-contaminated implant surfaces APPLIED SCIENCES 2019
Alveolar ridge preservation with nc-HA and d-PTFE membrane: a clinical, histologic, and histomorphometric study THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PERIODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY 2017
The effects of surgical preparation techniques and implant macro-geometry on primary stability: an in vitro study MEDICINA ORAL, PATOLOGÍA ORAL Y CIRUGÍA BUCAL 2017
Socket preservation with d-PTFE membrane: histologic analysis of the newly formed matrix at membrane removal THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PERIODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY 2016
Physical profile and impact of a calcium-incorporated implant surface on preosteoblastic cell morphologic and differentiation parameters: a comparative analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL IMPLANTS 2016
Temperature values variability in piezoelectric implant site preparation: differences between cortical and corticocancellous bovine bone BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2016

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