Giorgio De Donno


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Electrical and Electromagnetic Prospecting for the Characterization of Municipal Waste Landfills: A Review Technical Landfills and Waste Management - Volume 1: Landfill Impacts, Characterization and Valorisation 2024
A machine learning-based approach for mapping leachate contamination using geoelectrical methods WASTE MANAGEMENT 2023
Resistivity and full‐decay IP inversion for imaging a coastal aquifer prone to saline intrusion. The Pontina Plain case study (Central Italy) NEAR SURFACE GEOPHYSICS 2023
Detecting gas upwelling hazards in coastal areas through integration of active and passive electrical and seismic methods (Fiumicino, Central Italy) ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2023
Clustering analysis of ERT/IP data for leachate mapping in urban waste landfills 28th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Held at the Near Surface Geoscience Conference and Exhibition 2022, NSG 2022 2022
Geophysical investigations for the identification of active seismic faults below alluvium for seismic hazard assessment NEAR SURFACE GEOPHYSICS 2021
Dynamic characterization of the hill of Civita di Bagnoregio (Viterbo, Central Italy) for seismic response analysis ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2020
Time-lapse monitoring of an electrokinetic soil remediation process through frequency-domain electrical measurements JOURNAL OF APPLIED GEOPHYSICS 2020
Advances in electric resistivity tomography. Theory and case studies 2019
Three-dimensional reconstruction of a masonry building through electrical and seismic tomography validated by biological analyses NEAR SURFACE GEOPHYSICS 2018
Focusing on soil-foundation heterogeneity through high-resolution electrical and seismic tomography NEAR SURFACE GEOPHYSICS 2018
Surface and borehole geophysics for the rehabilitation of a concrete dam (Penne, Central Italy) ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2018
Pavement testing by integrated geophysical methods: Feasibility, resolution and diagnostic potential JOURNAL OF APPLIED GEOPHYSICS 2017
Tomographic inversion of time-domain resistivity and chargeability data for the investigation of landfills using a priori information WASTE MANAGEMENT 2017
VEMI. A flexible interface for 3D tomographic inversion of time-and frequency-domain electrical data in EIDORS NEAR SURFACE GEOPHYSICS 2017
Multidimensional electrical resistivity survey for bedrock detection at the Rieti plain (Central Italy) JOURNAL OF APPLIED GEOPHYSICS 2017
Investigating the foundation of the Amphitheatrum Flavium through the Passage of Commodus ANNALS OF GEOPHYSICS 2017
High-resolution investigation of masonry samples through GPR and electrical resistivity tomography CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2017
High-resolution geomatic and geophysical techniques integrated with chemical analyses for the characterization of a Roman wall JOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE 2016
Geophysical and geochemical techniques to assess the origin of rising damp of a Roman building (Ostia Antica archaeological site) MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2016


  • PE10_7

Interessi di ricerca

  • Derivazione di nuove formulazioni teoriche per le indagini geoelettriche
  • Sviluppo di algoritmi numerici innovativi per la modellazione e l'inversione di dati geoelettrici
  • Sviluppo delle tecniche di Resistività Complessa e Polarizzazione Indotta Spettrale
  • Applicazione di metodi geofisici allo studio e al monitoraggio di opere civili
  • Applicazione di metodi geofisici per la caratterizzazione geologica ed idrogeologica
  • Applicazione di metodi geofisici per la ricerca di cavità antropiche e naturali
  • Applicazione di metodi geofisici per la salvaguardia ambientale
  • Applicazione di metodi geofisici per la salvaguardia di edifici e dei beni culturali

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