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In-plane thermal diffusivity measurements of polyethersulfone woven textiles by infrared thermography SENSORS 2022
Extrinsic chirality and circular dichroism at visible frequencies enabled by birefringent $\upalpha$-{MoO}3 nanoscale-thick films: implications for chiro-optical control ACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS 2022
Characterization of Chirality in Diffractive Metasurfaces by Photothermal Deflection Technique APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Nanostructured materials for circular dichroism and chirality at the nanoscale: Towards unconventional characterization [Invited] OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS 2022
Study of the interaction mechanism between hydrophilic thiol capped gold nanoparticles and melamine in aqueous medium COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES 2021
Broadband optical spin dependent reflection in self-assembled GaAs-based nanowires asymmetrically hybridized with Au SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Plasmonic elliptical nanohole arrays for chiral absorption and emission in the near-infrared and visible range APPLIED SCIENCES 2021
Rich Near-Infrared Chiral Behavior in Diffractive Metasurfaces PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 2021
Photoacoustics for listening to metal nanoparticle super-aggregates NANOSCALE ADVANCES 2021
Diffracted beams from metasurfaces: high chiral detectivity by photothermal deflection technique ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS 2021
Fluorescence spectroscopy of enantiomeric amide compounds enforced by chiral light APPLIED SCIENCES 2021
Functionalized gold nanoparticles in colorimetric and chemoresistive sensors: synthesis, sensing mechanism and interface properties Book of Abstracts 2021
Thermo-regulating properties of textiles with incorporated microencapsulated Phase Change Materials MRS ADVANCES 2020
Circular dichroism in low-cost plasmonics: 2D arrays of nanoholes in silver APPLIED SCIENCES 2020
Chiral effects in low-cost plasmonic arrays of elliptic nanoholes OPTICAL AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS 2020
TOPS project: Development of new fast timing plastic scintillators. IL NUOVO CIMENTO C 2020
Circular dichroism in the second harmonic field evidenced by asymmetric AU coated gaas nanowires MICROMACHINES 2020
Thin films of phase change materials for light control of metamaterials in the optical and infrared spectral domain OPTICAL AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS 2020
Correlation between in situ structural and optical characterization of the semiconductor-to-metal phase transition of VO2 thin films on sapphire NANOSCALE 2020
Hybrid thermal Yagi-Uda nanoantennas for directional and narrow band long-wavelength IR radiation sources OPTICS EXPRESS 2020


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  • Micro/nano electronics & photonics

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